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The idea of ​​the development of models of high-speed car came from the manufacturer of tractors Ferruccio Lamborghini in the early 60-ies. By that time in his "stable" were cars Ferrari, Osca and Maserati, but none of them was perfect in all respects.

Not known for certain, for whatever reason, Lamborghini decided it did establish his own company, but in most versions of the story is said about the fact that the venerable Ferruccio Lamborghini once fell out with the owner of Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. It is said that once personally visited the factory Lamborghini Ferrari and complained that his car the Ferrari 250 GT knocks grip and it would be nice to improve its quality. But in response, he was advised not to go into the matter in which he does not understand. Like, do best with their tractors, and the theme of fast cars not poke your nose. (In one version of the Ferrari just kicked him, saying: "I do not like my car - try to do better!»)

Offended by this rebuff, Lamborghini was not too lazy to climb on the inside of his Ferrari 250 GT, made out transmission and found that Ferrari puts on his part model from the same manufacturer as that of his tractor. So it was not difficult to find in the warehouse the necessary details that helped solve the problem.

So Lamborghini had the idea of ​​creating your own car to be superior to all others. For the development of the engine, he invited me to the work of the engineer Giotto Bidzarini, who had engaged in similar work at Ferrari and has already created the engine Ferrari V12. Actually, the same V12 Ferrand planned to install on your car.


So already in 1963 at an auto show in Turin it was displayed a prototype of the new car brand Lamborghini 350GTV, decorated with the logo of the bull (in honor of the zodiac sign of Lamborghini - calf). And then the same Lamborghini 350GTV entered the serial and sale, by the way, enjoyed great popularity among motorists.

Then, the market appeared Lamborghini 400GT, sales of which were so successful that the proceeds enough to develop the first model of the supercar.

So soon Lamborghini announced the release of Lamborghini Miura, which was the automotive legend. Ferruccio Lamborghini personally presented the prototype of a new model of the same in Turin Auto Show in autumn 1965 and the spring of next year in Geneva was exhibited working version of Lamborghini Miura. Sales of the new car has exceeded all expectations: in 1967 in Europe was sold 111 cars, which brought the company worldwide fame.

However, Lamborghini did not stop there, and in 1971 released the following revolutionary model - Lamborghini Countach. This car was the highlight of the auto show in the next three years, although the company has not started the serial production of this model until 1974. The main feature of the new model was entirely new for the time doors open vertically. Furthermore, it was equipped with a powerful motor 4 liter and rear inlets.

The delay in the mass production of Lamborghini Countach was no accident: in 1972 the company experienced a serious crisis when South America terminated the Lamborghini with a major contract for the supply of tractors. So Ferruccio was forced to sell its stake tractor manufacturing concern Fiat. So this part of the business Lamborghini began to gradually move into the hands of German manufacturers, so now produces Lamborghini tractor Same Deutz-Fahr Group, but the brand Lamborghini Trattori preserved.

Sales Lamborghini Countach were going well, so that the company managed to stay afloat. Moreover, by the mid 70's automobile production first came to self-sufficiency, and then start to make a profit. However, Lamborghini still decided to sell its stake in the company. It is divided between two investors from Switzerland - Henri Rossetti (Henri Rossetti) and Rene Leimer (René Leimer). The very same company founder lived until 1993 in the status of a retired industrialist and died at the age of 76 years.

After some time after the Lamborghini retired, the company's position on the market deteriorated dramatically. The reason of this was, and the oil crisis and the problems in the marketing policy. The fact that cars Lamborghini so popular that orders were distributed to 2 years in advance. Naturally, many customers did not suit such a long waiting period. And then there began shortages of spare parts and financial problems. So the problem is worsened to such an extent that in 1978 the company was forced to begin bankruptcy proceedings. According to the court it bought Swiss brothers Mimra.


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