Tesla Model S vs Lamborghini Aventador: the results of the pilot-in

Tesla Model S P85D - a great electric car. But if he could go to the race track to the headlamp headlamp with a Lamborghini Aventador? Allen Wong, a software developer and part-time millionaire, decided to see who is faster. The results of this test Wong posted on YouTube.

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The fact that the Lamborghini Aventador was faster, it is not surprising - it is still a supercar, which was created for lovers of speed. Edge rate of speed for this car - 320 kilometers per hour. As for the Tesla Model S, here index - 250 kilometers per hour. So the winner was known in advance.

Nevertheless, Tesla had the advantage in the early stages of the race when the cars were dispersed. From 0 to 80 kilometers Tesla accelerates faster than the Lamborghini Aventador.

Then, from 80 to 130 kilometers per hour cars go "spotlight to spotlight" (2 Show on the Lamborghini Aventador). But after 130 kilometers per hour, when the Lamborghini Aventador goes to 3rd gear, Tesla left behind.

It is worth noting that now Tesla launches experimental station to change the batteries for their vehicles. The cost of changing the battery (until the execution of the procedure - about 3 minutes) will be less than the cost of filling the gas tank of the car a good conventional gasoline.

And elekroAZS network is constantly expanding, so that soon there will be new elektrozapravki across Europe. Get their point elektrozapravok and Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

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