Arab tales for single women

Arab tales for single women
Genre: Documentary
Director: Natalia Kazakova

Description: marry a foreigner. The dream of every ten girls of marriageable age. Earlier Russian bride left for the West. In today they travel to the East. Sun, sea, next favorite ... Girls think that this is a real fairy tale. But often the tale turns into a nightmare.

Olesya communicates with his mother only through SMS. Sim card, it hides behind the skirting board. When my husband and mother in law leaves the house, she immediately wrote my mother that is alive. 10 years ago Olesya got into real slavery. She married and went to Ibrahim Emirates. But the fairy tale ended as soon as the Russian woman came to a foreign country. She was forbidden to wear European clothes, forbidden to leave the house alone. For any offense, the husband beats her. Once Oles fled into Russia. But my husband asked for forgiveness and not returned home. And it all started again. As a child, Anya Savkina loved Indian movies. Then the girl from Astrakhan had no idea what to paint dot on the forehead and wearing luxurious sari she would have in real life. At age 23, Anna was married to Abdullah from Bangladesh. Today, together with her husband, Anna lives in Moscow. And absolutely happy girl did not hesitate to go abroad, not knowing the traditions and laws of another country. They believe that the main thing in a relationship - it is love. And the rest - somehow, can endure. But more often it turns out the opposite. Just because of the differences in the traditions and start scandals in international families. Maria has been a year trying to win their six children, her husband - a Turkish citizen. Married with turetskopoddannym Mary gave birth to six children. But the happiness was short-lived. When Mary filed for divorce, the husband stole her children and went to his home in Turkey.


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