Love for Arctic monkey

At first, I heard a voice. Nothing outstanding. The voice of the voice. Then I listened to a little more and a little more. Beginning with the Arctic Monkeys, continued The Last Shadow Puppets and finished watching "Submarines", flavored with solo songs the very Arctic Monkey Alex Turner by name.

And then it turned out that even a monkey and beautiful. Not that much. But beautiful.

Welcome on the street does not seem to spring. Well, sure, it is not spring, but the people still love going. Someone goes on the old, the other new starts, the third - an affair, the fourth - a wedding. I usually am happy for the people, but now is not pleased. Recently, the school remembered. In physics lessons, I and my beloved classmate Anton basically sat in the back row. Anyone who has ever sat in the back row, knows what its laws that Study terminated, but instead begins kakaya- incomprehensible Kotovasiya and fuss. We were no exception: shepotochki, notes, laughter - in general, we adjusted our teacher white-hot almost every lesson. And one day she broke down and burst out:

- Brouwer and Chernega! I am already tired of your lemur in the back row! Seated!

Of course, the teacher meant that between me and Anton appeared high poetic feeling, called the French l'amour, but it sounded as if between us there was a brisk eyed small mammal.

I then vividly imagined how this primacy of sitting on our desk and occasionally catches our classmates with their poop. We had to sit down with Anton. And our lemur withered with grief.

This spring I was terribly annoyed by other people's lemurs, because my lost somewhere. Fleeing from the spring blues, but at the same time trying to find the soundtrack to the fall of 2011, I came across a group Arctic Monkeys.

All the English group, at first glance reminds me of the reincarnation of the Beatles, as happened with Franz Ferdinand and the Kooks, apparently because of their traditionally exactly four, they sing with a clear British accent and very likable by the charisma and narrow trousers. Arctic Monkeys were no exception. But it was not long before I realized that the only one who holds my attention on this group - eyed cute lead singer, who thanks to his charisma and talent quite harmonious could become the fifth in the Fab Four, but only born with a decent late.

Alex Turner and ... Alex Turner

Would fit!

With the birth of Alex missed almost half a century. Al was born 16 years after the collapse of the great the Beatles, more precisely in 1986, Jan. 6, at exactly 12 o'clock, in the UK, but for some reason - it is not in Liverpool and Sheffield (South Yorkshire).

Little Alex

What has grown - it grew
Turner Family - the most common English family of intellectuals, the typical middle-class. Father David Turner - music teacher, specializing in wind instruments, October 3, 2008 to play with the orchestra during the concert of The last shadow puppets (the second group of hard-working Alex, in which he is the soloist for a couple with Miles Kane), mother - singing teacher German was very happy for the only little son, who in 2010 became one of the richest young British artists. His fortune is estimated at 7, 5 million. Pounds (380mln. Rubles).

Turner Family
Christmas 2001 - the 15 - year old Alex was presented with what is asked, and he asked "some" musical instrument, he was given a guitar and he began independently to study music, but no one then knew that this all happen ... to obtain the following.

As befits a typical boy from a good English family, Alex graduated from High School, and then conquered the musical Olympus, and in 2008 the magazine New Musical Express put it on the 4th place in the ranking of "the best musicians of our time."

Alex Turner called the "coolest musician in Britain" and "best songwriter" even court British poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy praised the work of Arctic Monkeys.
These musicians are trying to build a bridge between pop culture and poetry. I think the songs of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dillan poetry, as well as songs of Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys
But this status of "cool" at the moment is tenuous and rolls, but because not everyone has such status in general.

According to some publications (eg Roling Stone №9 (62)), the author of many songs from the first and second album of Arctic Monkeys is not one Alex Turner as Sheffield rock musician and poet John Makklyuer early in his career Arctic Monkeys provided a large group support Turner advised to focus on the real problems, and do not write more songs - Dummy of the girl on the bus ... By the way, on the cover of a solo album - Photo men.

Above Chris Makklyuer brother John Makklyuera

With Mika

Alex Turner is a recognized dandy, according to the magazine GQ
Can it be called an achievement for a musician to be called the best in the world shmotochnikom?

Alex Turner and ... Arctic Monkeys

"Arctic Monkey" were born in 2002.

There are many rumors and legends about the origin of the ironic title, but they are all lies, and only. The author name was and still is a guitarist Jamie Cook, who, as it turned out, from the very childhood dreamed of playing in a group with the same name. Jamie, incidentally, also asked parents to give him for Christmas "some" musical instrument, he also gave the guitar. Apparently all the English boys, who have mastered the basics of playing the guitar, there is one and the same idea - to create their own group and to bend under him the world ... and maybe try to become steeper themselves Beatles.

As Cook and Turner are both mastered the guitar for a year and were neighbors, they did not go far and quickly organized a group, or rather its backbone.

Then they were joined by high school buddies guitarist Andy Nicholson (in 2006 he allegedly tired of endless touring, leaving the team) and "forced drummer" Matt Hedlers - Nicholson is already playing bass, so Hedlersu had no choice but to buy a drum set.

Guys rehearsing in an empty warehouse in Nipsende, and played its first concert June 13, 2003 in Sheffield.

Having played a few gigs, the band began to record demos, cut them on a CD-blanks and give concerts for free. As the number of drives has been limited, the fans began to rip the songs themselves to each other and even share them online. Page group on the popular blog, which many critics later attributed such phenomenal popularity of the young group was created without the participation of the musicians.

By the end of 2004, the group already had well known in the north of England, and they became interested in Radio 1.

Then a local amateur photographer, Mark Bull took their performance on video and on their own initiative mounted guys video for the song «Fake Tales of San-Francisco», which was posted on the Internet.

In summer 2005, Arctic Monkeys have strengthened their title the young sensation of triumphant performances at major British festivals in Leeds and Reading, who had gathered to look at the huge number of people.

Despite such a resounding success, the group was in no hurry to sign a contract with any of the labels. Things reached the point that the band refused to make the representatives of the recording industry in the guest lists of their concerts, and so had to pay for their tickets.
We have achieved all that we have, without their help, so why should we need them now?

The meaningfulness of this position was reinforced by a series of performances of the band in the autumn of 2005, tickets that flew faster than hotcakes. When the group at the time sold out all the tickets for the concert in London's legendary "Astoria", they were convinced of the correctness of their own choice.
In London, a concert in the first place did not look important men in suits and simple spectators, men in suits all stood back and looked at how the bars of the concert audience. It was great!

In the end, the guys signed a contract with Domino Records, primarily because of sympathy for the label owner Laurence Bell, who was involved in the affairs of his own apartment and contracts only to those groups that pleased him most. Bell, by the way, worked (a) with musicians such as Franz Ferdinand and The Kills.
The first official single group, «I Bet that You Look Good on the Dancefloor», rocket soared into first place the British charts, dropping out Robbie Williams.

The second single, «When the Sun Goes Down», has done the same operation - that's just in this time as the victim was not Williams, but Shane Ward.

2006 Alex Turner gets a great birthday gift - the release of their debut album «Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not», which is in its first week broke all sales records, selling a grand circulation.

In the US, the record came out a month later, and for the first week has sold about 350 thousand copies. Despite the fact that American critics greeted the young Englishmen far more restrained than their British counterparts, American Arctic Monkeys tour went quite well.

In April 2006, the band admitted in an interview that they are not going to live long bast old material, and that the new full-length album is almost ready. Jamie Cook:
I can not imagine that we did as some Coldplay, who recorded the album, and then three years in a row gives the same damn concert every evening. Maybe someone and like to do that, but not us

In the same 2006 starts quite muddy history associated with the survival of the group bassist Andy Nicholson.

Andy was overweight and not very beautiful, I think the producers "asked" him from the group to maintain the notorious image.

Andy Nicholson
Award The Mercury Prize * for the first album the group received already without Andy.

* Mercury Prize - an annual music prize awarded for the best album of the UK and Ireland.

Friends, me too! Apparently no one supported Nicholson, and possibly contract in monkeys made so that the support it was simply impossible.

A little later I found a new bassist Nick O'Malley more representative.

Children were punished for betraying fortune - after the departure of Andy's group caught the first failure. The single Arctic Monkeys - «When the Lights Come On» was the first "failure" of the group, since it does not have the usual peaks reached the British charts, well then!

But the situation is corrected with the release of their second album «Favourite Worst Nightmare», which went on sale April 23, 2007, and the 29th of April of the same year, he took first place in the UK charts.

Despite the fact that the album «Favourite Worst Nightmare» also reached the first position in the chart, the chart success has been not as impressive as the first album.

Well, what, guys, the road on a zebra came to pass? But not weak?
Prize Mercury Prize for their second album Arctic Monkeys do not get, but the group again gathered a solid crop of awards, including the awards received in Australia and Japan.

The tour to support the album «Favourite Worst Nightmare» was held at the Arctic Monkeys, as always, quite successfully and ended December 17, 2007 concert in Manchester, which was recorded for the film and 3 November 2008 released on DVD under the name «Arctic Monkeys Live at the Apollo» . The movie was directed by Richard Ayoade, to many he is perhaps best known for his role as Moss in the series "Programmers" or to a scene «The Mighty Boosh».

Richard Ayoade
Richard is not only a character actor, he has now become manifest as a bright director, he had previously filmed clips for «Arctic Monkeys», and the film «Arctic Monkeys Live at the Apollo» received an award for "Best DVD» at the prestigious «Shockwaves NME Awards».

In 2010, Richard made the film "Submarine", which conquered Britain and its festivals, the author of the soundtrack for the film was made by Alex Ternёr (this is his first solo work), we note that the music is just great, so now I write a post and listen to over and over again.

frame from the film "Submarine»
To whom madly like the protagonist of the film ?!

Not hard to guess. Now we know - what type seduces director Ayoade.

Alex Turner jumped ...

Third album «Humbug went on sale August 24, 2009.

As the message of the newspaper Daily Star, in the first week, despite the huge hype in the press, it was sold all of 40 000 copies. For comparison, the debut album in 2006, was sold in the first week in the amount of 360 000 copies, and the second album in the amount of 270 000 copies.

According to site in the first week sales of an album Arctic Monkeys took the 4th place in the list of 200 best-selling albums of all genres in Britain. A week later, the album has moved to 15th place in a month was in 69th place, and in October left the rating at all selling albums of Billboard.

In the US, the album started with the start of sales in the chart with only 15 positions, above and not rising.

So what about the usual Arctic Monkeys full success in terms of their album "Humbug" is not necessary. In other words, the band's third album became the most unpopular among the audience.

But the reason for this failure is understandable. Just the leader of Arctic Monkeys - Alex Turner in 2008 there was a new passion ...

No, girls and alcohol, it's not passion, it is - the usual attributes
The fact that:
... Cross on the Arctic Monkeys bet until you want to. In fact, besides "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" was another stunning solo project with vocalist Alex Turner The Rascals Miles Kane The Last Shadow Puppets. And it was the high jump!

Ternёr and Kane
But that's a story for the next post. It is time to sleep. See you soon!

P.S. Which have not be avoided! They still met!

It is no longer clear who is late, and who hurried.


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