The 10 principles of the behavior of rich people

Financially successful people, like Tolstoy's happy families are equally happy. In other words, all millionaires in their behavior adhere to certain rules. It is easy to be traced by studying the history of life as a major investor on the example of Warren Buffett and billionaire in the field of Internet technology Mark Zuckerberg. Wealthy people of this level are very selective and Mature in their actions. We found 10 principles of the behavior of millionaires.

They do not expect instant success. Each of wealthy people working for the future. Millionaires are not distracted by momentary desires and aims at achieving the goal.

They do not consider themselves experts on complete. Millionaires understand that arrogance closes the path to new knowledge, and if you lose the ability to evolve, and the business will be viable.They do not perceive time as a dimension. Millionaires work for results, not appreciating the time you have spent. If the result is worth the effort, the time will be sacrificed.

They do not belong to the time mindlessly. If time is not measured by the result, it does not mean that the millionaire will address the issue indefinitely.

They are not stockpiling money in a single account. Millionaires put money into circulation: to invest, buy land. Money brings profit.

They are not making money actively. Is the concept of passive income, which is a large part of the financial status of successful people. Millionaires invest money, providing a source of income outside of core business. Without a successful investment cannot become a truly rich man.

They don't make impulsive purchases. Each waste of money for a millionaire is an investment and not just consumerism for the sake of cluttering.

They avoid wasteful people . Those who squander money – not a company man lean. They have different views on life and present pastime without a series of painful compromises just nevozmozhno.

They do not focus on the negative. Figuratively speaking, millionaires do not pay attention to the smallest speck of dust under the legs. On his race they are focused only on the finishing tape.

They do not risk all as reckless. Millionaires rarely lose all of his fortune overnight. Games with such rates may allow only customers of the casino, millionaires are more cautious. Even in gaming houses.

Note that a perfect illustration of these principles is the fourth in the list of the richest people in the world, investor Warren Buffett. Man with a capital of $58 billion still lives in the same house five bedrooms, where he lived since 1958. He drives a Cadillac 2006 and does not hire a chauffeur. Instead, he always personally takes its visitors from the airport. In 2013, it became known that on the day Buffett made $37 million




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