As iPads slow down the development of your children

The Guardian newspaper warns: if you give your child the iPad every time it requires your opinion, in fact, kill his chances of normal development.

The publication refers to an interesting study published in the journal Pediatrics. It was conducted by specialists from Boston medical school.

The findings are disappointing: the side effect of using smartphones and tablets at an early age is much stronger than television. Negative impact of mobile technologies on brain development of the child as strong as ever. The researchers warn that if you distract the child's attention from himself tablet or phone, you can cause serious damage to his emotional and social development.

"If these devices are for you — the best way to soothe and distract children, as they need to develop internal mechanisms of self-regulation?", — wonder scientists. Indeed, if a child is naughty or misses, he better learn to cope with their emotions without all these electronic gizmos.

Especially great harm to the gadgets applied to those children who began to use them as long as they are under the age of three years. The study showed that these kids learn worse, and communicate with peers when they get to school. They are also worse cope with tests in mathematics and language.

The study's author Jenny Radesky says that parents should as often as possible to communicate with the children because it is "the only way to teach a child social skills and adaptation in society."According to experts, parents should ensure that children do not use mobile gadgets for longer than one hour a day. And do not use them if they are under the age of three years.

Before the cartoons, they are much more useful, because it gives children the opportunity to observe the social behavior of the characters in the frame. Mobile applications do not have such an effect.

You might argue: what about training programs for mobile devices? Any use of them the child can learn only when it is closer to school age.

Author: Konstantin Shiyan




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