New Year party

Mother of three children told about the special day in every family - the New Year. I suggest you look for a visit to a wonderful family and feel the atmosphere of good and family warmth. I want to tell you about our New Year. Special day, so will it December 31, 2013 g, and will end on January 1st 2014.
(Photos done on the phone, do not scold for the quality :)
New Year's Eve we traditionally a family holiday. Husband and children do not know why I keep taking pictures, but they this "game" like (as long as like :)

December 31, 2013 I woke up in bed nezhus. Older children are already on their feet, judging by running around the apartment. Baby sleeps next to me, waking up too with me. The husband went to the dairy kitchen.

Kid joins brothers are still in their pajamas :)

And here is the husband returned with a "prey" :) milk, yogurt and cottage cheese as state aid :) trifle, but nice :)

We have an arrangement with older children: weekdays eat porridge or homemade yogurt, and before the weekend we go to the store, where children choose their granola. Though not as useful, but positive emotions also needed :) weekend - this little holidays, so do a lot of exceptions. But today is not just a weekend and not just a holiday, and on December 31! Today there will be many exceptions in the mode of the day, food, etc. :)
In older children, cereal with milk, the baby - curd.

Quickly check email with congratulations :)

My husband and I at the weekend is traditionally the eggs in different forms.
Usually I like this recipe: Grate cheese, just melt it on a nonstick skillet, quickly pour the eggs, their pre-mix. Fold in half or roll. But today the cheese in the house was not.
Roast toast. Previously eaten with butter, now I try not to buy butter (on New Year's made an exception for sandwiches with fish and caviar), so we smear on top of cheese or sour cream. Pour orange juice. Juice in the store, of course, there is nothing useful, but it is to taste, to feel a little holiday. Breakfast at the weekend is traditionally I do. Husband helps with toast or juice pours. If you do not have time - and can make an omelette.

If usually December 31 I have held in the cleaning and cooking, but this year we decided to make adjustments. Husband proposed to invite some aunt to get out, but I do wrong "Soviet" consciousness that I should do it myself. But decided to put things in order on December 30 to December 31 to rest. What a great idea it was! I am sure that many do, but for me it was a revelation :)) wake up and realize that the whole day ahead of you is free (almost free).
But the idea to buy a ready-made salads I gladly supported :)
However, you need to throw things in the wash and hang clothes - but this stuff. The children wash every day.
Husband loads dirty dishes in the dishwasher. How does it help us! Bought when the second child was born and wondered why not done it before.

Time ...

Husband watching a movie with the boys "Magicians" on the computer ...

and I at this time some household chores do :)
Kid brought a basin from the bathroom and playing with him (or rather it :)

now can not divide the pelvis with his brother

And now is the time to drink tea ...

tea is just a box of chocolates presented ...

While the children play ...

I decided to devote time to his beloved and take a bath ... Just not the New Year, and on 8 March :)
Maybe it's even the first time for the whole year, when I can take a bath :) Make bath with lush foam. And put the roses, which I got for last New Year (dissolved in water). Turn on the radio with some pop ... But I feel good :)))
Then care cosmetics, makeup, beauty ... Beauty navozhu!

Children playing, running around the apartment in a towel Angry Birds

Now brother tries on the role of "angry birds»

Like anything global not done, and the time ...

While the children played, touched girlyandku, does not burn :( My husband comes to the rescue :) solder ... This is also an annual tradition :)

Games for children continues ...

Kid parses tree :) Actually have every day to decorate the Christmas tree, because every day takes a little toys, tinsel, ornaments ...

And here is our tree, which the star middle son drew a face ... Christmas tree was beautiful, believe me :)) But when with her several times a day, remove tinsel and toys, forces hang back nicely lacking :))

The eldest son took out a book about fokusy.Ochen loves to read.

The clock struck ...

In the living room turned on the TV.
Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to lay the table. Need to stroke the cloth.
And since I put the ironing board, then at the same time her husband's work shirt and stroked his son to school :)

An hour passed ...

Make Chicken noodles for a quick bite to eat.
In parallel, the film "Ivan Vasilievich»

Husband met in culinary shop for salads and sweets. At the same time, I asked him to go to the dry cleaners, where about two weeks ago has put down jacket, but still I can not get it, because lost my buttons. Dry Cleaning closed earlier today promised (though I called them, refine :( I also said that since at the time down jackets inspector did not indicate how many buttons were on the down jacket, but now can not prove anything and so I do not I want to swear before the New Year, all perceived simply as the flow of information. In general, as long as no down jackets remained.
That's husband came with salads and sweets :)

Now the kids dress up in the grocery store.

And I'm probably the first time in my life look "Irony of Fate" from the very beginning. However, from beginning to end without stopping still will not work :)

Mourners husband and older children in the store ...

Returning from shopping :)

Lay the table

The husband went to my mother for. The kid fell asleep.

Kids got their gifts with one of the trees, we decided to do the engraving ...

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Look in the intercom, but there ... Santa Claus !!!

Children surprised, because letter to Santa Claus this year they did not finish and did not send ... And not wearing Christmas costumes ...
Secretly tell you that it is - my husband :) My mom got him a suit. The husband came in this form two years ago.
The eldest son then said that all the holidays dressed Santas, and comes to us a real ...
I was worried that this is the son realizes that this dad ...

But no ... In my 8.5 years old son believes! this is so touching! The eldest son in a chair sang a song to Santa Claus "New Year, New Year, Christmas tree, balls, party poppers" (learned in school), and a mediocre poem said "Our high tree" (taught at razvivashkah), also standing on a chair :) Interestingly, why it is necessary to do it on the chair? Maybe tradition is outdated? ;)

Certainly photograph with Santa Claus. Santa Claus colorful! Even every time I doubt that this is my husband :))

Gifts - two sets of Lego (husband is from the company gave gifts to children, we put them on hold until the desired day).

and this kid

Almost 22: 00 ... I'm already hungry ...

Husband photographed me with children

That kid woke up :)

My husband was taken home to sit at the table at 00:00 at night. In my family - about 22:00 and even earlier :)
I, of course, for the new traditions that are installed in a new family, but I'm always so hungry to wait until 00:00 :)) So I am trying to persuade her husband (for many years :) quietly set the table early ...
Salads this year purchased ("Olivier", "Under the coat" and celery). I make sandwiches with red caviar and fish. And tomatoes with garlic, cheese and mayonnaise.

Time ...

We're the kids a little bite. Husband keeps :)
Then he sat down together, summed up the results of 2013. Husband found record what goals we set for 2013 a year ago. Interesting! Recorded plans and goals for 2014. God grant that all has been achieved, if he pleases!

It is time to turn on the TV ...
Traditional president's speech.

and chiming clock !!!
January 1, 2014
Yay !!! Happy New 2014godom !!!

Festive table ... My husband says that my salad "Olivier" is better purchased :)
I put the lamb ribs in the oven ... watching TV ... Gradually, the children fall asleep ...
Clear the table ... Husband loads the dishwasher.

That Santa Claus runs out of the frame ... It's time to sleep :)

Happy, kind, interesting, fruitful all 2014 !!!



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