Old New Year (5 photos)

Foreigners do not understand our holiday called Old New Year.
In fact, it is a rare historical phenomenon.
Additional holiday appeared thanks to the change of chronology, ie to 5508 BC, and the beginning of the year was celebrated on March 1st (New Style March 14).
C this time in Russia began to use the Julian calendar, which consisted of 12 months, the names of which were associated with natural phenomena.
This festival is celebrated mainly in those countries where the Orthodox Church continued to use the Julian calendar.

With the 1492 New Year in Russia became widely celebrated in the church calendar on September 1 (September 14, New Style, 7000 Year of "creationism"). After the 2nd century in 1700 (7208 g), Peter I issued a decree "to calculate the summer," from January 1 of the Nativity 8 days later. Thus, in the Russian state in 1699 lasted 4 months from September to December.

Thus, to the twentieth century Russian Calendar 13 days lagged behind Europe, has long switched to the Gregorian calendar. To close this gap, in 1918, a decree was carried out transition to the Gregorian calendar - the "new style", and on January 14 - the day of St. Basil was an old New Year.

January 13 (Melanka) finished second kutyu, which was called "Generous kutia" which ran the lard. It is because of the name of the evening meals that evening and called generous. At Christmas Eve the whole family sits at the table taken. It is very important to wear that day was carefully laundered and clean. After dinner, it is necessary to go to the neighbors and ask for one at one apologize for any fault to each other, to meet the New Year in peace and harmony.

If you're a young guy and failed during the matchmaking, the evening before the New Year gives you another chance! However, it needs to catch the girl home, and it is very difficult, because the girl is likely to have joined the merry gang schedrovalnikov. Schedrovki - a ritual songs, congratulating and praising the family - the host and hostess, and their children, looking for a Man or Woman. Its name they got from the holiday - Christmas Eve. Schedrovanie accompanied by mandatory detour homes with the desire of people to happiness, health and prosperity in the New Year. Schedrovanie performed with music, dance, ritual games using masks. If caroling always necessary to go by, then schedrovat as possible for several people, and one, moreover, this is usually done girls, women and children. Schedrovat begin the evening of 13 January when smerknetsya. After the traditional schedrovok - congratulations and praise the hosts, it's time to plant, cheered schedrovki, rhymes, for which the owners have traditionally treated to sweets and give the coin (can be paper money).

As gifts and entertainment can be used as cakes, apples, nuts (now - and mandarins, candy, cookies, and other sweets). Housewife will not prevent prepared in advance with little upakovochki delicacies, not to run around the house in search of treats afterwards. By the way, is not taken not to open the door schedrovschikam - because they are in the house of good wishes, the mood, the joy of the coming year. So stock up candy and coins! And do not fear that you "namusoryat" - is to riches! January 14 begins with the ritual sowing. Sprinkle grain - it promises a rich year. Seeding - not women's handiwork, only men are allowed to be planted (mostly teenagers). Begin the ritual in the early morning.

January 14 (January 1, Old Style) - Vasilyev day. This day is dedicated divination, since it was believed that divination Vasiliev day always come true. Divination same - this is a great sin, the priests say, but New Year's Eve in the old style, there is a tradition and special divination. That just did representatives of the weak half, just to know what prepares them capricious fate. Try here is: before going to sleep, place a pillow under the comb, while saying: "narrowing my fancy dress, comb my head!" He who in his sleep will scratch their heads, and that will be your betrothed. Or type in a glass of water, take a wedding ring, not necessarily his own, because it is a guess unmarried girls. Dip it in a glass ring, and ask: "Who me now prividitsya, he will be my fiance».

As for superstitions, people believed that if the morning of the new year in the first house you enter a woman, it's sure to bring bad luck for the whole year, but if a man will - be happy. It was also believed that if in the New Year is in the house money - the whole year will not need them, but only if no one give a loan on this day. In addition, on this day especially important to all sorts of signs and warnings. Thus, in the Old New Year is not recommended to eat poultry and fish, because happiness will fly or float away from home.

It was recommended to eat pork because pig digs forward, which means happiness "priroet" to the house. Were popular and such signs: if the first day of the year cheerful (happy), then the year will be as follows; fallen on New Year's snow or fog heralds the harvest; hole full of water and fog on New Year's Eve portend a large spill; if New Year's windy - to harvest nuts; New year - the spring turn. It is believed that if you leave the yard at midnight, you can feel the New Year runs the Old. Folk omens say that if the Old New Year (January 14) will be a clear and starry sky, then the next year will be fruitful.

From year to year the popularity of Old New Year grows, more and more people refer to it, as an independent holiday, which extends the charm of the New Year after the holiday more quiet, it is alien to vanity, which is the inevitable companion of the New Year, as it is commonly celebrate modest . As for the food for this holiday, here was not without games. A common tradition on the night of the old New Year is the modeling and cooking dumplings, some of which with surprises. Possible surprises in the dumplings can be

Flour - to torment
Beans - children

Button - a new thing

Sugar - the sweet life in the future year

Salt - not very sweet life in the coming year

Pepper - life with pepper

Thread - the road

Money - money
However, it should be remembered that in each locality (even in each family) values ​​of surprises may be different, but the tradition is very warm and friendly, it allows you to meet and talk to the whole family.

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