8 ideas for elegant Christmas tree

New Year's Eve on the nose, and it's time to finally decorate the Christmas tree. Lest you suffered with a choice of various garlands and toys, Website I have collected 8 classrooms ready ideas - certainly among them there is one that you will like it.

Minimalistic Tree h3>

If you do not want too colorful, lighted Christmas tree lights, then decorated with some beautiful toys from one set of wood perfectly suits you. This tree harmoniously fit into any interior, and do not need to puzzle over how to put all the toys in the branches.

The funny tree with bright toys h3>

Beautiful toys in juicy colors like candy canes, and even a little beads and tinsel - and that your tree is ready! It can be combined as the favorite since childhood and modern decoration - this mix will give a unique style of your green beauty.

A Christmas tree decorated with red h3>

Christmas and New Year is impossible to imagine without the red, so the tree and wants to decorate the red balls, stars, snowflakes and beads. It's a win-win option for a traditional decoration that will definitely appeal to all young and old.

Herringbone, burn! h3>

What could be more elegant glowing thousand lights of the Christmas tree? The atmosphere of fairy tales and magic begins as soon as the lights are lit and lights. And even adults are beginning to believe that almost here something wonderful!

Balls-lanterns h3>

Among the many traditional Christmas decorations balls are leading the hit parade: you do not need a long time to wrestle with - just pick your favorite balls and hang at an equal distance from each other.

The most elegant tree h3>

Such decoration can be viewed for hours, unusual toys, garlands, figures, branches, like powdered snow. Do not be afraid to overdo it, the main thing - pick up all the decorations in the same style and color scheme. Call the children decorate the Christmas tree - they really know how to include the imagination, and it is sure to come in handy here.

Vintage tree h3>

Toys, which we decorated the Christmas tree as a child, now you can find only in a vintage stores or at flea markets, but they are expensive to us in the first place because a lot of them due happy moments and memories.

Creative Tree h3>

If you do not have problems with imagination, then perhaps you yourself come up, whatever sort decorate the Christmas tree: for example, it can be pretty dried fruit or ginger cookies, crafts, handmade toys, postcards ... Let this tree a hundred percent will reflect your creativity!

Finally, you can always decorate the Christmas tree beloved cat h3>

Here are a few ideas for Christmas tree:
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