Christmas lights everywhere (20 photos)

Christmas and New Year holidays with each day closer. It has long been established everywhere, and Christmas trees hung with festive lights.
Look krasiauyu selection, in which you will see pictures of Christmas trees from different countries our great planet.

Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York, the ceremony of lighting the fires which occurred on November 30. (Shannon Stapleton / Reuters)

Installed on December 2 Christmas tree on Red Square in Moscow. (Mikhail Metzel / AP)

Holiday Lights on the Christmas tree in the center of the German town of Winterberg on the background of the church of St.. Jacob. The lights on this tree lit November 24th. (Julian Stratenschulte / AFP - Getty Images)

November 29 in Hong Kong lit lights on a 30-meter pyramid of crystal blocks on the background of skyscrapers in the financial district. (Ym Yik / EPA)


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