All cities in the New Year should be the

Website 22 is an example of festive lights and decorations in the streets. Celebration comes to us!

Since the beginning of December to the end of January, most cities in the world are especially beautiful. Streets dress, overall atmosphere of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The air smells like a miracle.

Festive illumination transforms the city, and every inhabitant of the impression that he was in a fairy tale. We offer a virtual tour of the festive cities of the world and see how people decorate streets and houses for Christmas and New Year.

Giant Christmas ball in Nice, France

The December Festival of Lights in Lyon, France

Floating balls in New York

Festive illumination in Tokyo

Capilano Suspension Bridge - Vancouver landmark

German Village in Tokyo

Serrano street in Madrid, Spain

Winter lighting Botanical Garden NABA But Sato in Japan

Christmas installation at Castle Square in Warsaw, Poland

Bells on the streets of Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Selangor, Malaysia

Christmas ball at Rossio Square in Lisbon

Christmas in a street in Seville, Spain

The December Festival of Lights in Lyon, France

Christmas lights in Medellín, Colombia

Rockefeller Center in New York

Street in San Antonio, Texas

Working inside a giant tree in the UK

Thoroughly prepared

Croatian engineer Zlatko Salaj decorate your home with millions of lights, giving the neighbor kids a real fairy tale.

Christmas car in the yard of a house in Los Angeles

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