25 images of nature that you have to see this year

During this year edition of National Geographic fell a lot of shots from different corners of our planet. Hundreds of photographers waited for the right moment and made unique footage from which is simply breathtaking.

Website has selected for you the most memorable images of 2013, which show extraordinary grace and beauty of wildlife. Here and Moroccan foxes and Italian lake, and even a huge Tardigrada!

Lighthouse, Portugaliya

Huge ocean storm. Porto, Portugal, in January 2013. © Veselin Malinov

Blowup eyes Armeniya

Eyed 16-year-old boy from Yerevan - a real crown of creation. This repeatedly enlarged image of the iris in the center of the maelstrom of black - the pupil and corneal reflection emerges eyelashes. All this is framed pink arcs top and bottom eyelids. Suren Manvelyan ©

Tardigrades, Germaniya

In this image, obtained with an electron microscope and subjected to color correction, in all its glory appeared Tardigrada just half a millimeter long, cozy zaryvshayasya in moss. These six-legged invertebrates, similar to space aliens, known as water bears. They can withstand tremendous pressure, huge doses of radiation, extreme temperatures - and years without food. © Eye of Science / Science Source

A pair of penguins Antarktida

I took this picture at Port Lockroy during my trip to Antarctica in 2010. Two penguin on the background of the magnificent landscape create a stunning picture. © Marius Ilies

Fenech, Marokko

Fenech (lat. Vulpes zerda) - a miniature fox kind of appearance that lives in the deserts of North Africa. His name was on the small mammal Arab fanak, which means "fox." © Francisco Mignorens

Cherry blossoms, Nakameguru

Nakameguro Tokyo is one of the most famous places for fans to enjoy the cherry blossoms. © Giovanni Pasquarelli

Reflection, Vengriya

Mystic and photography. © George Szabo

Karersee, Italiya

Fabulous karersee is located near the Italian city of Bolzano in South Tyrol. This water is stored in a lot of legends and myths. I threw a stone to add a little mystery. © Antonio Chimenti

Deer, Richmond park

Picture taken in Richmond Park in early October. Prashan Mesvani

Oriental sovy

Eastern Screech Owl lie in the nest of a woodpecker, which they occupied in the territory of one of the bogs. These little birds reach a height of 8 to 10 inches, so you should have a good sight to see them. © Graham McGeorge

Fjord, Western Norvegiya

Fjords northeast of Bergen are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. © Erlend Haarberg

Waterfalls Iguasu

More precisely all Iguazu Falls, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, described the wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor, "Our Niagara Falls in the background looks like a stream of water from the kitchen faucet." © Dmitry Moiseenko, Stanislav Sedov, Sergey Semenov / AirPano

Lions Serengeti

For males and Hildur Sea Combat team work is essential. In this picture, they attract the attention of females, while retaining control over the territory. © Michael Nichols

Owl and mouse Minnesota

Great gray owls fly south from Canada, to find food. © Tom Samuelson

Waterfall, Islandiya

To get this shot I took more than three years. It was important to catch the moment when the Northern Lights will be strong enough to illuminate the entire waterfall. © Hordur Finnbogason

Parson Russell Terrier SSHA

Parson Russell Terrier named Lulu splashed into the pool in the American Phoenix (Arizona). To capture the moment when she grabs a toy thrown into the water, the photographer took ten tries, the ability to work under water and fantastic skill. © Seth Casteel

Badgers, Finlyandiya

Summer night, the family of badgers jib sneaks into the kitchen through its own tunnel that goes into the fireplace. Fagerstromu took four years to catch on film shy nocturnal animals. For this picture, he set the camera on the windowsill, and the hours standing on a ladder outside the window, waiting for when it will be possible to press the shutter using a remote control. © Kai Fagerstrom

The biggest raft SSHA

The lake in the Adirondacks Fort knit group of canoes and kayaks 1902 trying to break the world record by building a "greatest density". The rules state that participants should keep only your hands to combine into one giant boat design. And it, in turn, need to freely float on the water for at least 30 seconds. © Nancy Battaglia

Red pandas, Zoo Linkolna

Two three-month huddle panda in the zoo of Lincoln. Sartori photographed this couple as part of its Project Ark, which has more than a thousand of rare species. © Joel Sartori

Ice diamond Islandiya

800-pound block of ice glows in the moonlight in one of Iceland's beaches. Glybina broke away from the huge glacier. Photographer James Balog calls such pieces of ice diamonds, finding in them the beauty and the tragedy of extinction. © James Balog

Lake Wakatipu, New Zelandiya

These trees are located in the southern part of New Zealand. The pictures were taken in the frosty morning, and only the rays of the sun reminded reigned here recently warmth. © Brad Grove

Landscape, Latviya

This photo was taken in Lielvarde, Latvia. © Mihails Ignats

Pyramid of Chichen Itsa

90 foot pyramid marks the former grandeur of Chichen Itza. This great city was built around the ninth century, according to the scriptures. © Paul Nicklen

Mountains Chili

Picture taken at the edge of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. © Richard Dyuerksen

Giraffe, Tanzaniya

"I was sitting on the grass and photographed the sunset, when he heard behind some noise. I turned and saw that the giraffe, who stood for a moment, before turning towards the hills. " Peter Stanley

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