Mystical unexplained stories (14 photos)

Hit Parade of the most mysterious and mystical stories, which still does not explain!

Mysterious murders on the farm Hinterkayfek

In 1922, the mysterious murder of six people, committed on a small farm Hinterkayfek shook the whole of Germany. And not just because the murders were committed with appalling cruelty.

All of the circumstances surrounding this crime were very strange, even mystical, and to this day it is and remains unsolved. The investigation questioned more than 100 people, but no one was arrested. No motive, which somehow could not explain what happened, too, has not been revealed.

The maid, who worked in the house, escaped six months ago, saying that it is haunted. New girl came just hours before the murder.

Apparently, the attacker was on a farm, at least a few days - someone was feeding the cows and ate in the kitchen. In addition, the neighbors saw how, during the weekend of the pipe went smoke. In the photo - the body of one of the dead, found in a barn.

Phoenix Lights

So-called "Phoenix Lights" - a few flying objects that on the night of Thursday, March 13, 1997 more than 1,000 people watched: in the skies over Arizona and Nevada in the US and over the state of Sonora in Mexico.

In fact, that night, there were two strange events: a triangular formation of luminous objects that moved in the sky, and a few lights still hovering over the city of Phoenix. However, in the latest US Air Force recognized the lights of the aircraft A-10 Warthog - it turned out, while in the southwest of Arizona held military exercises.

Astronaut of the Solway Firth

In 1964 the family Tampltona Briton Jim walked near the Gulf of Solway Firth. The head of the family decided to take pictures Kodak her five year old daughter. Tampltony assured that in addition to them, in these swampy areas there was none. And when the pictures were developed, one of them found a strange figure looking out from behind the girl. The analysis showed that the photo has not been any change.

Falling body

Cooper family had just moved to his new home in Texas. To celebrate the housewarming was covered celebratory table at the same time decided to make a few family photos. And when pictures showed, they discovered a strange figure - it seems that the body-chё whether hanging, or falling from the ceiling. Of course, nothing like that at the time of shooting Cooper is not seen.

Too many hands

Four guys fooled around, photographed in the yard. When the film showed, it turned out that it appeared out of nowhere one extra hand (peeps out from behind the guy in the black t-shirt).

"The Battle of Los Angeles»

This photograph was published in the Los Angeles Times February 26, 1942. To this day, conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists refer to it as proof of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. They claim that the photograph clearly shows that the beams of searchlights fall to the alien flying ship. However, as it turned out, for the publication of photos retouched pretty - it is standard procedure that for effect were subjected to virtually all published black-and-white photos.

Himself incident was captured on the photo, the authorities called the "misunderstanding". The Americans had just survived the Japanese attack, and all the tension was incredible. Therefore, the military overreacted and opened fire on the facility, which was most likely harmless weather balloon.

Hessdalen lights

In 1907, a group of teachers, students and scientists broke camp in Norway researcher to study the mysterious phenomenon known as "Lights Hessdalen».

One of the clear nights Bjorn Hauge took this photo using the shutter speed of 30 seconds. Spectral analysis showed that the object should consist of silicon, iron and scandium. This is the most informative, but not the only photo "Hessdalen Lights." Scientists are still scratching their heads that it could be.

Time Traveler

This photo was taken in 1941, during the opening ceremony of the bridge South Forks Bridge. Public attention has attracted the young man, whom many considered "Time Traveler" - because of the modern hairstyles, zip sweaters, T-shirts with prints, trendy glasses and camera-soap-box. The whole outfit is clearly not out of the 40s. Left red color camera that was really in vogue at the time.

Black Knight

For the first time a picture of the unknown object, dubbed "Black Knight", was made in 1960, one of the first satellites. In polar orbit clearly visible unidentified object, which could be either a satellite of the USSR or the US satellite. Since then, the object was seen many times - he appears and disappears at regular intervals. After careful study of images of the object, scientists are inclined to believe that it is - a piece of artificial origin.

9/11 - a woman from the South Tower

These two images in a hole formed in the south tower after the plane crashed into the building, can be seen standing on the edge of a woman. Her name is Edna Clinton as no surprise, she found herself in the lists of survivors. How she did it - the mind boggles, given everything that happened in that part of the building.

Monkey skunk

In 2000, a woman, who wished to remain anonymous, made two photographs of a mysterious creature and sent it to the county sheriff of Sarasota (FL). For photos accompanied by a letter in which she assured me that a strange creature photographed in the backyard of his house. The creature came to her house for three nights in a row and steal the apples left on the terrace.

UFOs in the painting "Madonna with Saint Giovannino"

The painting "Madonna with Saint Giovannino" was painted by Domenico Girlandaya (1449-1494) and is now in the collection of Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Above Mary's right shoulder is clearly seen mysterious flying object and the man who was watching him.

The event at Lake Falcon

Another meeting with the alleged extraterrestrial civilization occurred in Falcon Lake May 20, 1967.

Someone Stefan Michalak rested in these places and at some point noticed two cigar-shaped object falling, one of which sank nearby. Michalak says he saw the door open and heard voices drifting inside.

He tried to talk to strangers in English, but there was no answer. Then he tried to get closer, but stumbled on the "invisible glass", which apparently served as a defense facility.

Suddenly Michalaka surrounded by a cloud of hot air so that the clothes on it zagorelas.Muzhchina received serious burns.

This story took place the evening of February 11, 1988 in the city of Vsevolozhsk. In the window of the house where she lived was fond of spiritualism woman with her teenage daughter, gently knocked. Looking out, she saw no one. He came out on the porch - no one. And footprints in the snow outside the window was not there.

The woman was surprised, but did not attach much importance. A half an hour later there was a piece of glass and cotton in the window where knocking the invisible guest, collapsed, forming almost perfectly round hole.

The next day the woman came at the request of her friend Leningrad, Ph.D. S.P.Kuzionov. He carefully examined everything and took a few pictures.

When the picture has been taken, there appeared a woman's face, stared into the lens. And the lady of the house, and most Kuzionovu this person seemed unfamiliar.


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