20 movies for those who want to understand the cinema

to learn to understand the movie, is unconditional, it is necessary to watch it. But not only modern, but above all the classics. Old movies - is not necessarily boring history lesson, they seize and affect as much and often more advanced.

Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky, has received worldwide recognition for his lectures gave the students a list of films to compulsory viewing.

Website publish for you 20 films from this list. Happy viewing!

Seven Samurai

Shichinin no samurai

Akira Kurosawa h3>

The cult film of the famous Japanese director. This classic philosophical film about the heroism of the Japanese soldiers passed the test of time and achieved the status of a recognized masterpiece among connoisseurs of the genre, and among general moviegoers.



Jean Vigo h3>

Everyday history, tells the story of the marriage of the captain of the barge "Atalanta" in the village of Jean girlfriend Juliette and their honeymoon on the channels of France to Paris. The film looks easy thanks to a fair amount of puns and subtle humor.

Belle de Jour

Belle de jour

Luis Bunuel h3>

Picture gently and gradually captivates the audience, teasing his emotions. Bunuel tightly intertwines fantasy character with reality, not allowing the viewer to clearly see the border. The film is full of erotic scenes, they give it a unique color, without which it is impossible to imagine. The young Catherine Deneuve is beautiful.

Wild Strawberries


Ingmar Bergman h3>

78-year-old professor from Stockholm with his wife, son traveling by car on the presentation of a doctoral degree, visiting places associated with the past and meeting different people who help him revive his memories, to recognize mistakes and correct them in time.


The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock h3>

Even if you're not a fan of the horror genre, you should see this movie. It really is beautiful and mysterious, and the attention to detail adds a naturalistic. Hitchcock - a recognized master of suspense, he slowly but surely to the atmosphere of impending nightmare, and to break away from what is happening on the screen is simply impossible.



Jean Cocteau h3>

The film is based on the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, but moved to the post-war France. Infernal, breathtakingly beautiful painting by Jean Cocteau. Watching frame by frame, you lose sense of time and forget that it's only a movie.


Alexander Dovzhenko h3>

"Earth" - a simple, but amazingly strong, emotional and bright new hopes manifesto early Soviet years, created a very talented and original artist. This is the story of a peasant family, the habitual way of life is collapsing in the era of collectivization.


La notte

Michelangelo Antonioni h3>

Writer - Giovanni, his wife - Lydia. The darkness of creative crisis, sunset feelings twilight habits ... A close friend dying in the hospital ... Powerless lumen searches: dark memories, night restaurant, rich night party. And the morning "shower" of despair, revelations and candor ...

8 and a half

Federico Fellini h3>

A deep, sincere, surreal, brilliant film. Excellent script, revealing the essence of the agony of Fellini. The film is about the poetry of the creative process of director: Crisis, search, tricks of the imagination, deadlocks and unbroken stream of subjective and objective.

The Virgin Spring


Ingmar Bergman h3>

Picture Bergman filmed by Scandinavian legend of the XIV century. A little scary, medieval, majestic and endlessly talented film. "The Virgin Spring" - one of those movies that excites unspeakable emotions, even some time after the show.


Ugetsu monogatari

Kenji Mizoguchi h3>

During the civil war in Japan, a poor potter gets a chance to earn extra money, his pots sold surprisingly well. Earnings causes excitement quickly turns into an obsession ... This mystical parable, being one of the most famous Japanese Kaidanow, won the Silver Lion at the Venice Festival.

The Color of Pomegranates

Sergei Paradjanov h3>

The film is beautiful and amazing cast as a continuous flow of poetic associations. The film describes the life of a medieval Armenian poet Sayat Nova, beginning with his childhood and ending with death. No wonder Parajanov called avant-garde: the film is non-trivial, especially for the Soviet era.



Alfred Hitchcock h3>

About the film a long time ago I said all that is needed. Good shooting, good plot, good game actors. Soundtrack crazy nothing less than the film itself. Music in the film is very intense, it transmits a state of suspense and anticipation of something terrible.

Hiroshima, my love

Hiroshima mon amour

Alain Resnais h3>

The plot revolves around a short love story of French actress and a Japanese architect in postwar Hiroshima. In the picture supplied all calm and balanced, but the pain and bitterness felt bright and clear. This movie, which can be reviewed and through the decades.

The Great Illusion

La grande illusion

Jean Renoir h3>

World War I. Two pilots get into the POW camp where together to work on a tunnel to escape. War - the most unnatural thing in the world, and in the painting by Renoir is a complex psychological and social picture of those early years.



Akira Kurosawa h3>

The old man, having learned of the imminent demise, with the idea that life is lived in vain, decided to build a playground on the site of a vacant lot. On the way to his goal, he goes through all the circles of bureaucratic hell. The film is at once simple and complex: Kurosawa made his most obvious audience, but the issues raised in it, do not have easy solutions.


Le trou

Jacques Becker h3>

Young Gaspar, pending the court's decision, falls into the chamber to four buddies pondered escape. And now, five people break the wall of the prison dungeon, day by day increasing the hole and bringing themselves to the long-awaited freedom ... It is very exciting and skillfully staged crime drama keeps in suspense until the end.



Luis Bunuel h3>

Uncle Viridiana is eager to see her in his castle before she postrizhetsya a nun. In fact, it has long been in love with his niece. This ctrast so shocking girl, she decides not to return to the monastery. Beautifully shot picture of the whole to ask more questions than it answers, as befits the great works of world cinema.

The Passion of Joan of Arc

La passion de Jeanne d'Arc

Carl Theodor Dreyer h3>

The film was shot very unusual: most of the time we are witnessing the emotions on the face of Joan of Arc, which shows a close-up. But all the actors in the film are amazing: hate, despair, compassion, flour, hope, deceit - to live it all so realistic it seems impossible. Cinema for a masterpiece of its time.

The Seventh Seal

Det sjunde inseglet

Ingmar Bergman h3>

In the middle of the XIV century knight Antonius Block and his squire returned after ten years of the Crusades in his native Sweden. Block is tired of life and does not see anything around you, for the sake of what it cost to continue to exist. Despite the gloomy symbolism, the film is extremely lively and full of subtle humor, he could well be motivated to action.

In the preview frame from k / f «Birds», Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions

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