What were the drawings of artists at the beginning of practice and now

Great artists do not create masterpieces in a single day. Someone took it a few months, while someone and 10 years. After all, to make a really beautiful picture, it is necessary to have not only talent but also patience.

Website sharing with you the works of artists who have proved that talent can only come with practice and hard work.

The progress in the past few years, h3>

7 years of practice, and this is the result h3>

The progress in 23 years h3>

For 3 years the figure has become realistic h3>

Progress 8 years h3>

Diligence doing his job h3>

Every year better and better h3>

Just 2 years practice h3>

I think her style has changed a bit h3>

Progress for 3 years h3>

Portrait of the same girl h3>

Just work and patience give such a striking result h3>

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