This should be considered to decorate the Christmas tree by the year 2017, right! Let Christmas tree will bring good luck!

Before the New year remains very little time. The time to decorate the Christmas tree. In 2017, the Red Monkey will change Fiery Cock. To appease his need to not only Goodies on the Christmas table, but also beautiful decorations in the room.

There are certain signs to meet the year of the Rooster, which will tell you the edition of "Site".

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2017 gadobenate Christmas tree ornaments
  1. The beautiful Christmas tree should stand in the center of the room.

  2. In 2017 the main color is red, and all shades of yellow, gold, orange. The combination of red with gold is the personification of luxury and wealth, harmony and prosperity. This color scheme is best used for the decoration of the Christmas tree in the year of the red Fiery Cock.

  3. Definitely need to hang on branches decorative banknotes. It is believed that in this case the whole next year will be rich and generous.

  4. Put it under the Christmas tree and put on the table a few ears of wheat. To live a year in prosperity, a mound in a beautiful linen bag a few handful of grain and put it at the foot of the tree.

  5. Even if you are a supporter of minimalism, give their taste preferences in the new year's eve. Than brighter decorated Christmas tree, the bigger will be the whole year. More tinsel, streamers, large iridescent balls, garlands.

  6. As the tops for Christmas trees is better to use a three-dimensional figure of a Rooster, and other decorations to choose in the form of hens and young cockerels. This themed design will appeal to others and bring good luck in 2017. In particular, plays a role, from what material are made the figure of a Rooster. Made of crystal or porcelain is a tool for transforming negative energy flow in the positive. Metal is a symbol of fidelity and wealth. Wood is a calm and peace in the house.

Ideas for decorating Christmas tree
  1. Red gamma
    This year it's a win-win. Good classic combination that will delight you and enjoy your guests.

  2. Vintage tree
    Large toys, dolls and different animals always look great on the tree. Besides, these toys can do it yourself.

  3. Creative tree
    Optional use to decorate the balls and the rain. Perfect candy, dried fruit and homemade toys.

  4. Flower garden
    Decoration in the form of exotic flowers always look on the tree.

  5. Lights
    Many garlands are always a holiday atmosphere, even if the ornaments on the tree quite a bit.

  6. Beautiful fluffy
    Decorate a rain tree in a spiral. At first glance simple, but looks very beautiful.

  7. Family holiday
    Decorate your Christmas tree with photos of his family. Looks very nice and touching. Your family will appreciate.

  8. Golden tree
    The gold color is festive and rich, besides is the trend of the coming year.

Thus, the Christmas tree is not just a decoration, but a very powerful talisman. Prepare for glory, to get the favor of one of the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar. The rooster will become a defender of your house for the next year.

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