Yoga for beginners

Yoga has become popular worldwide and more and more people practice it daily. Yoga helps to improve physical health, to balance the nervous system, learn to relax and to concentrate.

For beginners to practice yoga there are a few rules that must be followed to achieve the result.

Define your purpose

First of all, you need to understand for what purpose you want to achieve yoga. Matter what your goal (recovery after an injury, eliminate back pain, improve mental state, the desire to master the difficult exercises) will depend on the choice of the coach group, yoga center.

If you live in the city, and you find it difficult to make your choice, you can contact the company the "Spirit of sport" — it will help you select a qualified private trainer or sports club will develop an individual training program.

Consult your doctor

You need to know that yoga for beginners is contraindicated in people who have had recent surgery, suffering from high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart disease. If there is any disease (including chronic stage), it is better to consult a doctor. Before class you need to talk to a coach, to warn about his disease so he can adjust to you the program.

Form yoga

Before you go to class, you need to choose comfortable, light clothing. It is desirable that it does not restrict movement so you can bend over and sit down.

Also it would be good to buy a special yoga Mat. Clubs have mats, but in the interest of hygiene it is better to have your.

Prior to exercise cannot eat. Since dense meal should take 4-5 hours from the time snack — 2-3 hours. If hunger is distracting from the classroom, in a pinch, you can drink half a glass of milk or Cup of tea.


To come need in good spirits, leaving the problems outside the room. The same rule applies to all who have mastered qigong for beginners or Pilates as well, and any other types of exercises to harmonize body and soul.

In yoga, there are more than 800 positions, but do not be afraid – the most popular and used only 20-30 asanas. Listen carefully to the coach, follow the breath, do not rush to learn everything at once – exercise should be fun, peace of mind. Even if you understand how far your body to perfection, do not worry – the main step towards health you've already done.

Over time, regularly practicing, you will make progress, you will notice how improved the condition of his muscles, there was joy and ease.

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