15+ baby pictures the most terrible in human history

It is difficult to imagine some notorious scoundrels in the moments when they were plotting their misdeeds. However, perhaps even more difficult ... to present their children! However, like any other person on Earth, Hitler was a child - and not only Hitler. In this post you will find 16 baby pictures of this fiend history of our world.

1. Adolf Hitler

Born in 1889, Adolf Hitler - one of the most notorious dictators in world history. During Hitler in power, Germany started World War II.

2. Charles Manson

Charles Manson - probably one of the most recognizable and well-known killers in the world


3. Saddam

Saddam Hussein is known as one of the most aggressive dictators of all time. When he was captured by the US Army, he was accused of several crimes against humanity, including innocent women and children, torture, illegal arrests and the killing of about 200 people.

4. Ted Bundy

American serial killer, maniac, rapist and necrophiliac, Ted Bundy is an example of the embodiment of evil. He killed about 36 people - and that number would grow if it is not executed in the electric chair


5. Benito Mussolini

He brought his own country, Italy, to complete destruction, and gave all his so-called "allies". Mussolini's - one of the historical characters that cause most people hate still


6. Osama bin Laden

The founder of "Al-Qaeda", bin Laden is an evil genius and mastermind of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 shook the entire world. This terrorist attack claimed the lives of about 3,000 people.

7. Jeffrey Dahmer

From the hands of "Milwaukee Cannibal" he killed 17 young men. From the body of each victim Dahmer cut off any body, and took with him.

8. Joseph Stalin

Stalin certainly is among the most notorious villains in the world. Multiple executions due to personal paranoia of the leader, including in the party apparatus, resulted in the death of thousands of people.

9. Heinrich Himmler

One of the most influential people of Nazi Germany and the "right hand" of Hitler, Himmler was the mastermind behind the creation of a network of Nazi concentration camps.

10. John Wayne Gacy

One of the worst criminals in US history, Gacy was a serial killer and rapist who raped and killed a teenage boy 33 for 6 years. He is known as the "killer clown" - due to the fact that a clown dressed and participated in children's parties


11. Jim Jones

The notorious religious leader - one of the most notorious criminals in the world. Unfortunately, the skills a leader he used to plan one of the largest mass murder and suicide in the history - Johnstown slaughter


12. Richard Ramirez

Satanist Richard Ramirez never repented of the brutal murder of 14 innocent people, as in his other crimes - he was a rapist, robber and serial killer


13. Kim Jong Il,

As North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Il brought the country to the fact that its citizens are massively dying of starvation. It is also known for having created a death camp system dissatisfied.

14. Mao

The former leader of the People's Republic of China fully responsible for its poverty, as well as for the death of about 70 million people from 1949 to 1976.

15. James Holmes

Holmes shot a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 12 people were killed even before the session began.

16. Anders Behring Breivik

In 2011, Breivik killed 77 people, setting a bomb in a car in Norway. Immediately after that he arranged a mass shooting at a summer youth camp. Mainly its victims young children began.

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