The immune system: what it is and why it's worth fighting for

Autumn is in full swing seizes power in all regions, bringing us a whole set of autumnal "joy" and "fun" in the form of runny nose, colds, acute respiratory infections, SARS and so on. And what to do if the immune system was not ready for such an attack? What you need to do to fully enjoy the cold season and not to think about the colds, which can spoil the mood and plans? If the time to help your immunity, it will be a good helper for you in dealing with viruses.

Let's first look into what is immunity and how to strengthen it, since without it, a person anywhere? Translated from the Latin immunity means "freedom from something". Actually, if you look deeper, it is the immune system can be called "bodyguard" of the whole organism, it is, perhaps, the most simple and complete description of the term. And really, it's identical to the "face-control" continuously ensures that our body does not have got any other pest. Moreover, the immunity it does at the genetic level. Pest, or scientifically- antigen are substances that contain foreign genetic information. They can be bacteria, viruses, toxins or foreign cells formed inside the body such as cancer cells or malignant tumors.


The immune system works on a simple principle: to find and destroy.

The main thing – give a chance to the immune system to cope with the virus. A strong immune system to fight the same flu is able to produce sufficient amounts of interferon (the substance that fights pests), to overcome the flu, which after 2-3 days will not be over.

Many of you will say: "Just to say, when immunity is strong, and I have it weak." And the truth is — ecology, constant stress, bad habits and poor diet often lead to the weakening of the immune system. So do not have to fully rely on the immune system. After all, in a leaky barrel will not be able to store water, you must first patch the holes. Same thing here. With the weakening of immunity, it should be immediately strengthened.

How to understand that the body needs help?

Doctors there are several signs of reducing immune activity:

  • fatigue
  • chronic fatigue
  • frequent insomnia or Vice versa drowsiness
  • headaches
  • aching muscles and joints
How to determine which reduced our natural protection?

About bad habits and the wrong food – they know everything. The main reason lies within us. But also plenty of reasons which we do not even know, and they significantly affect our lives. For example, drinks that destroy the constancy of our internal environment – sour, sweet and effervescent with a sugar substitute.

I would like to draw the attention of girls and women, fasting and diet – is also a serious blow to the immune system, but overeating is very harmful. We must not forget about vitamins and useful minerals. No one asks to look for in winter, watermelons, and persimmons in the summer, enough to buy in a pharmacy some vitamin complexes, good in that there is no deficit. Also remember – antibiotics, even if you take them for doctor appointments, damage the immune system. So forget about the self altogether.

For some reason many of us are looking for the cause of their disease only in external factors that obviously affect us. Few people remember the old wisdom "all illnesses from nerves". You can eat right, run in the mornings, to a regime and still sick. Stop for a minute and remember, how long have you had a rest – not just sleep, and rest? The psychological state greatly affects our physical condition.

Chief assistant to our immune system, good sleep, proper rest and lack of stress. It is impossible to eliminate stressful situations – try to reduce them to a minimum.

It can be a long read articles from different doctors, and immunologists in particular, they will all have their methods and recipes to strengthen the human immune system. But there are a number of rules that can perform one than to have your health and immunity in particular, a lot of support.

  • You need to lead an active lifestyle (at least start with charging in the morning);
  • Learn to relax: spend a mini-session of relaxation at home daily;
  • Visit Russian bath or sauna (the beneficial properties of baths is a topic for another article);
  • Take special medicines or folk remedies to strengthen the immune system (garlic, ginseng, St. John's wort, etc.);
  • Time to pass vaccination;
And don't forget that the most important weapon of the immune system – optimism.

Psychologists have long claimed that pessimists get sick more often. Try to keep the bright attitude to life, see less TV, spend more time outdoors, socialize with friends. published

Author: Alena Bykova


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