Lyudmila Petranovskaya: Well, that family ceases to be the responsibility

The beauty of the modern world is that it can exist anything. Anyone can make their family life the way he wants and likes, because today we do not feel this social pressure as before.

However, now the question arises, why bother to make and even more to keep the family together.

And it everyone finds their answer. I think it is very good that the family ceases to be a duty and becomes to be what you personally want to see her.

The family is a kind of creativity, the process of creating. We do not ask ourselves: why do I draw? If you want to create paintings, if you are rushing this process, then you draw. And if not – then don't draw.

As well and family relationships.

In Russia in this sense a very interesting situation. We have several parallel processes with each other do not interact.

On the one hand, there are young people who are moving in the same direction as that of the entire European civilization. With some specifics and backlog, but generally in the same direction. On the other hand, on the surface, as the layer of oil, are actively promoted by conservative and even retrospective values.

I often notice that young people speak out loud what "must" but still live as they see fit. If, for example, ask them to participate in the opinion poll, they will say that, in their opinion, should speak "correct" Russians. But in his personal life will behave differently. And this strange state and society and in the minds of people. Because most emancipation, more freedom correspond to the real interests of the people.

To have our needs ahead of our reflection: first, people do what they want, and then after reviewing their ideas about what is right and what is not.

That's about family values in Russia, the reflection hasn't happened yet, and needs are already met.

But, despite all social changes, are still in different countries is the percentage of people who choose solitude, while others prefer to live in families.

It depends on many factors. Partly plays the role of the children's experience.

If it was positive, then the person more likely to want to start a family.

If childhood experiences were negative, then the person will avoid similar occurrences in their own lives.

In this case, it is important that this adverse childhood experience has been crafted, reinterpreted on their own or with a therapist. Another factor is character. Some people are more in need of a warm and close relationship, and someone normal and alone. And there's the luck factor – in the end, you need someone to "match" so much that I wanted for years to spend together. published


Author: Lyudmila Petranovskaya




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