How to pick flowers in the living room

Every woman wants harmony and cosiness in your apartment. To achieve this helps, including a bright green houseplants. It is not enough just to buy and bring the flower into the house, he needs to complement the space and emphasized the interesting side of the room. The majority of our plants we have in the living room. This is the largest room in the apartment and Central location for the reception.

The choice of location for restrictive make living area chic, it is not necessary to buy a bulky plants and make them all the corners of the room, turning it thereby into the jungle, only a couple outdoor plants with bright foliage. Perfect dieffenbachia, dracaena, ficus, palm, monstera, zamioculcas, Yucca, or bamboo, the main thing — correctly to place them.

Hanging baskets — also great for placing plants. They can be placed on walls, especially if the space allows.


Side svetoteni important when placing plants of the world, which leave our Windows. We have already talked about the importance of lighting, more can be read in the article "How to choose plants for North Windows and other sides of the world."

When the flower arrangement in the living room, consider how much light the plant need, whether it to grow well in the shade or he needs to be closer to the window. In my living room growing zamioculcas, they take perfectly diffused light, but recently I began to notice that the stems become thinner. Blame items and plants higher, blocking the light. The permutation closer to the window solved this problem.

Plants for South Windows can feel bad on the North side, so pay more attention to this nuance and do not follow only their desires.

Light techniques in conjunction with rasteniyami on the lighting. Natural day light is important for plants, but it is possible to provide additional illumination. Special chic plant gives mood lighting. Most large plants in pots illuminated by LEDs or small spot lights around the pot. They are sold in any hardware store and are able to work from two AA batteries.


The influence of the height of the plants on interlards living room with low ceilings is perfect outdoor plants in pots, it will visually increase the height of the room. Focus on high, elongated plants (sansevieriya, Hove, zamioculcas).

But the baskets and pots with hanging plants visually reduce the space. This technique is good to use with medium or high ceilings.

Select the plant under color gostyninie mistress pick up the plants so that they harmonize with the interior of the living room and colours in it.
Shade plants should not blend with the overall color scheme of the room, but to clash with it, too should not.

You should stick close by the tone of plants: to maroon tones, you can choose a plant with red flowers or leaves close to yellow orange, to blue.

But no one forbids us to take a contrasting color that goes well together. As a rule, classic colors: red with white, blue with white, green, yellow.

Floral arrangements in gostenova in the living room well-lit area, you can create a multi-tiered arrangement of plants (the hill). To do this, use shelves and stands, pots, and hanging baskets.

If you have decided to throw their Pets on the windowsill, it is necessary to select suitable to each other in size and properties of the plant.

A green corner by the window?

If you allow the interior and Finance, you can decorate your living room masterpiece bonsai that is not only organically fit into the environment, but will be the center of attention.


What plants can fill the space of the living room?Unlike the bedroom and children's room, it is possible to place fragrant plants such as begonia, Cayenne Jasmine, eucharis or the Amazon Lily, well go and not very fragrant hibiscus or China rose.In my living room here is so handsome. In autumn and winter it is covered with many scarlet flowers.

In the same period of time blossoms and eucharis, the aroma of which fills the entire room.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can create in your living room with a real green oasis that fills life with harmony.




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