Harmful if warm floors?

Many of us are installing heated floors. As a main heating, mostly for water warm floors. And many as alternative heating is electric floor heating, which is very often hidden under the tiles. However, where there is electricity, there is radiation, all kinds of magnetic waves, etc. harmful if electric Underfloor heating for our health? And what kind of radiation comes from them? Let us now consider ...


If you have already started to talk about the two types of heating here

 Radiant floor heating


Everything is simple. There is practically no harmful radiation. And radiator, also based on water heating. Water is just a carrier of heat in our apartment (by the way the water in the batteries can be replaced). So that the water floors can not do fear, however water Underfloor heating is quite complicated to make.

Electric floor heating


That's about the electricity there are many tales – this floor is harmful to human health and that it is not necessary to install it in their apartments! But the guys are just "stories".

Let's think about what is electric Underfloor heating, for example under the tiles!

The principle is simple – there is a cable inside which is a heating element which heats up and transfers its heat in our example, the tile. That is the principle of any electric heater. Also work normal, oily, radiators (they have heated the oil inside the radiator, which already sends heat to the environment), the usual "metrobike" also have a heating element that abdulas the wind from the fan delivering heat to the room. So the cable warm floor is also a kind of heating element, only a very small capacity.

Radiation from the warm floorYES electric warm floor creates infrared radiation. But they do not pose any danger. It should be noted that when the glow of the sun also produces infrared radiation, especially when heated items. Therefore this radiation is not harmful and even useful.

1) Radiation is the normal background that is similar to solar radiation

2) infra-red radiation beneficial to the circulation

3) a Warm floor calms the nerves

4) Warms the feet, which allows not sick often

5) Also, scientists have noticed that this radiation in the air adds negative ions, which is also a plus.

There is almost no cons. Well, if only the floors a little burn oxygen, of the order of 1 – 2 %, for comparison "metrobike" can burn 20 %. Also what is electricity nearby – but the tension on the warm floors (especially if the small area is not that high up to 0,5 kW), so this voltage can handle virtually any transaction.

Anyway, from warm floors more good than harm. Yes, and I have on that floor likes to sleep a cat, and cats never sleep where they are harmful, they feel it! published


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