Men who like unavailable women

Love and the dignity ofRussian women of the 21st century trying to learn how to obtain a vaginal orgasm, to train certain muscles with the aim to finally see happy your man or show him your ability to do business, to calm the desirable partner: "I'm not interested Bank account of the person with whom I'm going to bed".

European women convince men that they do not like to drink coffee, which will pay a boyfriend. Nigerian women, in an attempt to survive, come to Europe to work as prostitutes.

But any woman if she believes in it or not, wants to give all his love to that one man who embodied for her father, husband and child, complete. Unconsciously, since the existence of tribes, the female genetics requires fulfillment in the love of her man and her child, and the men in the hunt for the beast and taking the production in the family.

The problem of a female that he is looking for the chance to feel weak in the arms of strong men, challenge men's battalion of the army of love is the fear of women's blood pressure or obsession.

As from divine love to move to hell's revengeMan, from childhood repressed the excessive love of the mother, which is expressed as in too much concern, fear for his son or exaggerated amount of affection, and permanent control over a child, until the jealousy of his girlfriend, grows unsure of himself the conqueror of the female sex or the same lazy moral impotent. Two of the above-mentioned sets of male inferiority resolvable, but an intelligent man shows his superior wisdom in the ability to turn from an insecure boy into a man who knows how to love... not to mention a lot of attention, which turned these men arouse the opposite sex, returning human respect, gratitude and sympathy.

However, those who failed to develop their spiritual potential to the above-mentioned level of the adequate relation to himself as a self-sufficient man who loves and respects themselves - are the majority of men living on Earth to this day.

And excites of the companions did not desire even a bright and intelligent woman to give love to your partner, rather than the unavailability of women as such. Such men attract the attention of the opposite sex, however, are not able to feel the joy of being loved. Such men do not trust women, especially, do not trust a sexual partner as a value.

If we analyze the relationship of the boy with his mother in his childhood years, it becomes apparent habit of the child, educated the overwhelming mother and a weak father, to live in anticipation of a true feminine tenderness from her mother, her affectionate attention of her belief in the power of men and respect her personal boundaries son. The absence of such a relationship creates in the boy a habit of wanting an unavailable mother, the prototype of a future sexual partner.

The result of such childish habits becomes a male the need for the inaccessible woman. In the case of coincidence in the life of two people and create a desirable relationship with both, the problem men is the projection of the usual expectations of maternal love at his chosen one, his constant dissatisfaction with the lack of loving attention from women, his condemnation of his beloved, and his imminent betrayal of his once blazing passion, feelings for her. The problem of abandoned women is, of course, complete confusion of feelings and humiliating her feelings of anger towards once taking care of her beloved man.

Probably, such a situation – or stories about them – motivate female to love for pornography viewing which you can share with a man, and to practice receiving multiple orgasms in order to please the beloved. While the female forgets about her women's fact: orgasm is something going on, primarily at a soul level, and male gender continues unconsciously to blame the "mother" in the lack of love on her part, to condemn the desire of his wife to see a good size Bank account of the husband. With age, the faith of these men in the female the feeling of love disappears altogether or turns into a desire to humiliate the woman as such. Revenge is a very tempting feeling of both sexes. Not only feeling, but also a motive.

Woman, the vast majority of the son of his love in the form of salustiana or in the form of excessive control, as a rule, is nedolyublennosti in childhood, the daughter of a weak father... married to the overwhelming woman.

Why a woman who dreams about the protection of a strong man, leading a life of loneliness near the once-loved? Perhaps the best explanation of this vicious circle lies in the weakness of her husband, who was once love mother.

In an attempt to feel his manhood, "boys" of all ages choose the behavior of the dictator and fall out of love at all. Their daughter growing under-loved, and their sons grow up to be so insecure in their spiritual strength as their unfortunate father.

Love and moneyWhen a man believes that a woman loves it's his money and not him, the man becomes greedy. It is worth mentioning only about the results of research by American psychologists, ask questions, generous gentlemen: the desire of man to offer a woman dinner in an expensive restaurant, pay for a coat of the beloved or just give her money, says sexual desire in men.

Money is to men an unconscious way to Express the woman's gratitude for the opportunity of enjoying the feeling of sexual satisfaction.

The greedy representatives of the strong sex almost always suffer from a lack of love in their lives, for which reason they that love don't want to give anyone, especially a woman offended them.

In turn, the smartest female half of the population – out of fear of being defiled in his devotional love for the first man in her life (daddy) decides to eradicate a sense of respect for men in General, and really stop caring about the partner. Or starts to train your sphincter apparatus...

And men, meeting women's desire to practice pornographic humiliation feelings of love to your partner, happily sell their animal needs, while reiterating his view that a woman is not capable of love and that she only uses man and his money. At the same time, the instinctive male as well as female – desire for mutual love suffers a 100% failure... Ten orgasms per night, all of the organic hole used for entry (and exit), tried all positions of the "Kama Sutra", which is easily to find on the Internet in any language, and the feelings of love never occurs. (Wow!..)

A vicious circle of insinceritypeople of any gender, condemning its opposite, not able to enjoy the sense of "to be loved".This man has a fear of sincere relationships. Or rather, it is the fear of pain caused by someone you love. (After all, mom was loved, she was entrusted heart... and she left without even kissing goodbye! And came in a bad mood...) so Much!.. Just can't handle that.

And here a man meets the one and only, the sincerity of which he had dreamed since I started to masturbate,but suddenly feels her unusual "accessibility", i.e., its sincere desire to give love.The man becomes bored and he ends the relationship even before starting them. Boredom as a feeling, is unconscious human fear of decision-making.

A woman falls in love with one, two, three... she Soon finds a friend who is waiting for the trust in respect of words spoken, generosity (in love as in money) and just the power of the spirit, however, in the absence of such masculinity, giving birth to a girl, shows her an example of how to despise the male sex, or giving birth to a boy, begins to overpower his love... which he wanted to Express a grown man in bed. "Beloved husband", in turn, to no avail waiting for the attention of his lady, sooner or later comes to the conclusion that women's love was deceptive, and that the illusion of youth led to the divorce and the desire to forget the once-beloved mother of my kids.

To live in the present, not having lived the past...People will not be able to enjoy and live in the present, while he runs away from his past. We are always there where trying to escape. Those who are not aware of that report, live the past – namely, Unforgiven pain experienced as the result of a relationship of a loved one is afraid of death. He who lives by the pain of his past, unable to enjoy the love in the present. This man is simply to fear the truth of love in the case of its occurrence in his life. He will be afraid of the pain to which so accustomed from childhood, and will find reasons that stand in his way to found love and responsibility for the maintenance of reciprocity of this feeling.

And here I go light for men... looking for love... and enjoy pornography, degrading itself... and when you find what you are looking for, begin to judge her and I can't cope with the feeling many of the shortcomings of the one that just wants to give love.

The problem of a man who condemns family or just those who like him, is a familiar condemnation of himself.

The only way to rejoice everyday items and the more important events of his present is the fact that forgiveness of the man himself, in particular, its dependence on expectations of love from the opposite sex during adolescence (for example, from mom, from dad...).

Usually the one who's waiting — dying in anticipation; and the one who takes life for what it is, make reasonable conclusions and forget about the unpleasant moments of their own destiny. To forgive the mother (father) means to understand the motives of his actions and apparent lack of willingness of the parent to hurt Chad.To forgive yourself is to stop criticizing yourself for the things done in his childhood to the conclusion of themselves as unlovable person.Stop criticizing yourself for anything at all, means choosing to love yourself.

He who loves himself enjoys the pleasure of being loved by others. Such person do not have to train your sphincter to partner experienced amazing feelings of pleasure in bed with him. published


Author: Alice Valerie

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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