Honda is working on a draft hydrogen car of its own design

Honda company in the next month is going to present its own car receiving energy with hydrogen fuel elements. The cruising range of the car from Honda, as the developers promise, will be more than the Mirai from Toyota.

Honda will announce the price of its hydrogen car and on the receipt of new items on sale at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens on 30 October. It turns out that Honda will present its "vodorodnoi" a year later than Toyota introduced its. Earlier the company management has declared that in sale of electric car fuel cell will be in March 2016.



While it is known that the car, which has no name yet, will be able to pass on one "charge" of hydrogen of about 700 kilometers. The number of seats to five. Reserve the Honda above, as accumulators are located more rationally than in the Toyota.

Now many automakers are under constant pressure from the public and officials, requiring the reduction of harmful emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engine. This became especially relevant now, after the leadership of Volkswagen AG has recognized the use to lower the readings of the emissions from passing cars special tests.

Last year, Honda has already declared the ongoing work to build cars with fuel cells. But then the way such a vehicle had to be postponed to improve its performance. The current array of fuel cell cars Honda 33% less than the previous version "vodorodnaya".

By the way, at the beginning of this year, Toyota made an interesting move: the Japanese company opened its 5680 patents related to energy from fuel cells. This means that the provided technology will be able to use everyone who wants to, without paying royalties.

Manual Toyota believes that this will help to bring the release date of cars with fuel cells "in people". The company believes that the opening of the patents "will accelerate the metabolism studies". It may well be that it works, and other manufacturers will start their own research projects in this area, drawing on the experience and knowledge provided by Toyota. In this case, ecosystem components and assemblies for fuel cell vehicles will be deployed for a few years.

Toyota understand that the transition to a "hydrogen" car is a business for many years, even decades. At the same time, the company does not doubt the correctness of such a transition. published


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