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Will be 20 photos with explanations and worldly wisdom from Finland. Consider some set times, such as legally regulated brightness apply only to the EU and Finland in particular.

The autumn darkness makes screwing up his eyes and cursed the weak lights. Much to increase your visibility can make yourself. The following collection of tips to improve the visibility and good and in bad weather.


1. Bulbs age
Regardless of whether you use halogen or xenon lamps, the longer, the weaker they begin to shine. For example, the maximum life span of xenon lamps considered to be 100 000 kilometers, although most likely they will properly serve many, many more. Intensity old lamp considerably weakened. Autumn - the best time to replace the bulbs, even if the old still working.

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2. The lamp bulb strife
The price range is huge-selling light bulbs. Some are less than the euro, and the other, a well-known brand and big promises, more than 10 euros per share. Between price and product properties do not always have a direct connection, but often more expensive light is the best. To bulbs used range of requirements. Features more powerful lamps are often developed to the upper limit of the range as, basically, and hue of the emitted light.


3. High voltage range
The higher the voltage, the brighter the light bulb. The first step - cleaning the terminal wiring to get rid of excess voltage losses. The next step - to collect on the wiring as short and thick wires on the control relays. The shops are selling car accessories kits ready for such an upgrade. Even a little versed in electrical engineering, he can do everything from start to finish. If this is not enough, you can turn on the circuit voltage amplifier for car headlights, which will ensure a bright glow lamps and short life.

Difficulty 3 of 4 (Advanced amateur cope)


Both headlamps same lamp. Just to the left of the original wiring and without voltage amplifier. The difference in visibility and, as a consequence, in the comfort, dramatic


4. My lights
A device for washing today legally mandatory only for the xenon headlights. The foul weather or during strong slush headlamp may close up entirely (which depends on the shape of the "beak"), and the size of the illuminated section of road reduced to zero visibility, while the headlights will not be re-cleaned. If possible, it is necessary to order or choose the machine already installed washer. The device is a modern car headlight cleaning pressure can build with their own hands. We need to be a tank, pump, switch on the dashboard, the nozzle to "muzzle", and, of course, hoses and wiring. Everything is sold.

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5. Draim lights
For polishing of plastic lenses, there are many special products which cope and novice home mechanic. Using them is easy. The glass diffuser is also amenable to polishing, but it's an order of magnitude slozhnee.Polirovku glass begin fine sandpaper, gradually moving to a more fine grain, until the glass will gain full transparency. Glass is easy to make a muck, so it's worth to start to practice on a piece of junk or unnecessary glass lens.
Moisture, chemical processes, and the dirt gets inside the headlights, cause the formation of a milky-cloudy plaque inside fary.On appears on the lens and the reflector. Subject precautions, you can try to wash off. First, remove the headlight and remove the lamp. In distilled water breed a little vinegar (if not, then for washing glass-is better than nothing). The solution was poured inside the lights and how to shake, then the liquid is drained. Faro wipe the inside is very soft and does not leave pilling cloth, such as high-quality microfibre cloth. For drying require auxiliary tools, such as a narrow bottle brush. It does not scratch the inner surface, and will be good to cling to but a napkin. If possible, you can carefully blow spotlight compressed air to dry and leave no bulbs, for a long time. Moisture should not remain entirely.

Difficulty: 4 of 4 -better professionals trust


6. Change the lights
The easiest way to deal with the next stream of abrasive dirt, oxides, raids, dirt and moisture inside the lamp with the help of a complete replacement of the device. When buying a lamp does not interfere carefully to understand what we buy. Depending on the car, the options may be many, different manufacturers and brands. With respect to the luminous flux produced by the difference can be considerable, too. Basically, it is impossible to grasp such a difference just by looking at Faro, but some conclusions can be made on the eye. Headlights original brand tend to be among the best. Also, lights production of large and old concerns as Bosch and Hella, trustworthy. The headlights unknown manufacturers can often catch the manufacturing inconsistencies with the naked eye. If to you it is such a sample, it is necessary to abandon the acquisition, despite the attractive price.

Difficulty: 2 out of 4 (amateur cope)


7. More light ahead
Main beam can be doubled, ie put an extra pair of distant headlights, or two pairs, if the total of cumulative index of less than 100 (Set right on the headlamp lens) and a headlamp properly otregulirovana.Dazhe if you xenon headlights, the car is equipped with additional halogen headlight beam if you have them yet no. Dipped can double only in cars until 1980 release

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8. Adjustment of headlights
And good lights lose their effectiveness if they are handled incorrectly. If the spotlight is shining down too, it is too bright spot illuminates the road directly in front of the car, and the driver's eyes lose their sensitivity to a dimly lit road section downstream traffic. Too much batten down the lamp does not light up the road, but blinding oncoming drivers. The base configuration can be done yourself, using the adjustment screws behind the headlights. It is also equipped with automatic calibration xenon headlights need to be setup. If the dashboard has a height adjustment, they need to use when changing vehicle load. If the controller is inadvertently left in the position of a full load, illuminated section of road would be too short.

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A beam of light should fall 1 - 1, 2 per cent (with some exceptions, depending on the model of the machine). In practice, this means the fall height of 1 cm per meter, while the headlights must shine straight ahead. In the workshops there are specials. apparatus for setting, but some can be set up if there is a smooth floor, the walls and roulette.


9. Fog - deception
Fog lights brightly illuminate the section of the road directly in front of the car. This creates a sense of security, but in reality the reaction of pupils to the driver too bright spot in front of the hood, deprive him of the possibility of how to see further ahead, where the level of coverage is much worse. It turns out that the driver himself dazzles. The real benefit of using the fog lights can only be achieved when driving in thick fog when visibility and allows them to move no faster than 30 km / h


10. snowfall with low beam
Beam headlamps illuminate very effective as the air in front of the machine. The beam of the near range cut. When driving in heavy snowfall, light reflected by the snow flakes, blind and does not see further ahead. In such a situation it is better to change the light on the neighbor.


11. Look into the eyes
What if the problem is not in the car and in the driver? You can find out a campaign to an ophthalmologist. Many lay the vision test and purchase especially the first points for too long. With age, the ability to see in the darkness greatly deteriorated. Therefore, especially for drivers aged stands when buying or ordering a new car to think about purchasing the xenon headlights.


12. Look through the fog
There are a lot of sunglasses with special lenses for motorists. These lenses emphasize the color contrast of the major waves. There are also photochromic lenses that darken themselves begin in bright light. The best for a ride in the rain and fog are polarizing lenses that effectively filtered water drops reflected light, but reflect light emitted from the direct sources. So look much further penetrate through the fog and rain than without the use of polarizing glasses.


13. dry the interior
Moisture inside the car starts easily condense on the glass. As an emergency come up and postelennuyu newspaper on the floor. In a more convenient time, a thorough airing and drying of the interior, in some places, and with the help of a hair dryer will help to solve the problem. If the problem with moisture is permanent, it is necessary to find and fix the leak. The perpetrators may be loosening door seal, mount the antenna to budge the plug. holes rusted through the body, loosely glued glass, the current radiator, damaged, for example when installing the speaker, sealing doors, clogged with mud and debris drains doors / engine compartment / hatch ... Find the leak is not always easy!

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14. Topi correctly
Warm air is more effectively binds with the glass surface moisture than cold. Therefore, in the beginning of the trip includes a hot air and direct the flow of glass. The result is significantly improved if you start the car and blowing before the salon nabyut wet passengers. If you block the air flow into the interior, will increase the flow of air to the windshield. Konditsionet great help remove the moisture from the glass. But in the cold focus may fail because, as a rule, in the air conditioning process only when the ambient air temperature is not lower than 4-5 degrees. To konditsionet impeccably served and next spring, you need to find a way to use it on a regular basis during the winter, for example in the heated parking lots of shopping centers.


15. Here is the order in the glass washer
For a good result, a washer requires large amounts of water, it is useless to fidget on the dirty glass dry brush. Dirt, calcium contained in water and dried for washing glasses can plug washer nozzles and hoses of a liquid or jam-return valve. Also, the pump may already be substandard, even if it is able to raise the fluid to the glass. Often enough to clean the components, sometimes they have to be replaced by new ones.

Difficulty: 2 out of 4


A clogged tube can try to blow compressed air. Before purging, disconnect the hose from the pump and injectors.
Adjust the nozzle, you can use a pin inserted into the joint nozzle, in some machines, a special adjusting screw. Try to keep the jet fell into the middle of the glass


16. We handle brush "janitors┬╗
If brushes reserve strip, clean and generally uneven result is not synonymous with the term "crystal clear", it means a dirty brush. Brushes should be cleaned regularly with a cloth or paper soaked in undiluted liquid for washing windows. If it did not help get rid of the bands and divorces, the brushes are worn out, and the only right way - to replace them with new ones. Regular cleaning of working surfaces prolong the life of the brushes. It also helps protachivanie longitudinal grooves in the bottom of the windshield, because then brush to clean themselves at each wave of "wipers". In winter, when driving in conditions of freezing rain or wet snow, and more suitably modern flexible brush that do not clog with ice joints.
For the brushes are not suitable means to care for and rubber moldings.

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17. Change the windshield
"Bulls eye" and got chips in the windshield of stones and wheel spikes are best repaired immediately after they occur. Smaller scratches and nipped by the wipers can zapolirovat professionals. On the other hand, this area is so overloaded with work demand that the private owner can be difficult ustorit his car on polishing the windshield. Then just have to change all the glass in the new one. A skilled craftsman, able to crank it all yourself, but specializes in replacement shop to offer the same guarantee for such a bargain price, it is often not worth the bother yourself. Prices of glass to the most common brands are not sky-high.

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18. Thorough pomyvka glass
Whatever the fine filters were not air in your car, bold smoky precipitate is collected on the inner surface of the glass. Often, the plaque and is not evident until the glass is not washed. Especially strongly it prevents plaque, when the low sun shines into the eyes or in the face shine the headlights of oncoming cars. Diligence and the right accessories guarantee a good result.

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Some were street cleaners and liquid enough, sometimes the glass should be thoroughly scrub hands and out.


19. Special care coverage
Car accessories in the stores, you can find a variety of special tools that make the surface treatment of the windshield is very slippery. They give the glass water-repellent properties, and when driving on a suburban speeds "wipers" often does not need - the flow of oncoming air simply blows away all the water. This is particularly useful feature when entering the water dirty cloud of dust raised by an oncoming truck, or a similar abnormal and unexpected situations. In addition, the pre-treated glass easier to clean residues from frost or insects. Funds are also suitable for the glass lenses of headlights and all other Crystal glass surfaces. Funds are good, but their use leads to addiction, because after wear protective film is only partially preserved water-repellent windshield starts to enrage. Then the only remedy - Quick tool to smear the glass again.

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20. Suitable means to a washer tank
The bulk liquids for automotive glass in addition to the solvent-containing alcohol also tensides, ie detergents. Their task - to decrease the surface tension of the liquid in order to improve the degree of penetration into the dirt. But if too much tensides, remains on the surface of the glass film. Therefore, without the need should not use too strong cleaning solution. Winter salt wash off the dirt from the glass without tensides, and in the summer, to peel the dead insects, they are useful. Sold as summer and soft solutions, but in the winter by freezing the liquid will not be confused.
Part of the liquids is not intended for use in "raw" form, their properties are manifested only after dilution with water. In addition to the financial side of the issue, this is the second reason why you should choose a suitable working fluid fortress. Suitable fortress winter naturally the one that allows the fluid does not freeze at the temperature which is expected in the street. And by the way, in 40-degree frost rarely have to wash the windows ...

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