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A gift is an important part of nonverbal communication, a way to maintain and strengthen social ties. Want your gift has been properly understood and assessed?

Start by learning the psychological makeup of the person whom it is intended. We offer you to find portraits of their friends on the typology of German psychiatrist Karl Leonhard and his followers, based on "accentuations".


Hyperchem is a perpetual motion machine. He is energetic, resourceful, and very dangerous in any situation, and every moment ready to dance. Turned up "burning" permit? If you are looking for a companion, he is in the forefront. There are hypertime some carelessness, haste, clumsiness, and even tactless. But, gain trouble on his head, he always comes out unscathed. In most cases, this person is sincere and good-natured, but if anyone stepped over the line of fairness, he will not leave it so.

Hypertime: Carlson from Astrid Lindgren's books, Joey from the TV series "Friends". Give fidget accessories for sport and leisure, something strong and high quality, easy to handle. Such that, accidentally wiping off the table, hypertime could be happy to discover that it still works. Fit unusual and exotic tours, active tours.


The psychasthenic constantly busy with soul-searching. He often lives in his past or concerned about the future. Indecisive, insular, these men are afraid of excessive liability and all sorts of change: "Suddenly, what happens? What then? And what about me?" Thanks to these rainbow thoughts, psychasthenic gets tired very quickly. He tries to keep a low profile, not stand out, avoid bright frilly clothes. The trouble, as a rule, does not prevent him to be curious, peaceful and pleasant person, as well as the Executive employee. Psihastenii: "the Wise gudgeon" Saltykov-Shchedrin, Ross from the TV series "Friends". Give the psychasthenic something for his hobby, maybe even a short training course on cutting and sewing, baking pancakes or crafting (choose based on his interests). He himself is not easy to decide on this step, and the gift he is likely to use it.


Epileptoid love to all and always present order. The chairs are smoothly moved toward the table, the books are strictly alphabetically, and among the stacks of white towels will never get lost color. Representatives of this type of jealous and vindictive, prone to excessive detail, but diligent and hard-working. Epileptoid: Kabanicha from "Thunderstorm" Ostrovsky, the headmistress Ludmila prokofievna from the movie "Office romance", many modern politicians. Choose practical things: you can purchase the organizer bag with multiple departments, something to do with ordering, so often epileptoid. Don't forget (especially if you yourself feel about hypertime) that you need to exercise maximum care not to pour champagne with white cloth.


Schizoid not everyone allows to get closer to him. His inner world is a big mystery, in which he is in no hurry to devote the first comer. Before you mysterious, taciturn, eccentric, Creator of the original theories of the great inventor. Emotional coldness and isolation of the schizoid create a lot of obstacles to the establishment of a close relationship. However, it is not particularly weary of the solitude, but rather seek him. Noise, noise, talking about anything earthly vanity interfere in his work. It is not for him and not about him. Schizoid easily recognized by disheveled hair, unshaven and sloppy clothes.

Schizoid: doctor Faustus novel of Thomas Mann, Shura from the movie "Operation y". Give the theorist books related to the interesting topics, a handy voice recorder for recording sudden inspirations, something useful in his work.

"DEMONSTRATOR" (ISTEROID) Thirst for attention and admiration burden of isteroid. The desire to always be on the mind manages this person like a puppet, forcing him to behave aggressively. Long oblivion from others threatens a nervous breakdown. The isteroidy accompanied by loud speech, good body language, theater crying and laughing. In clothing they prefer extravagant and "flashy". Talkative and mannered, without listeners or viewers as they are without air. Often these people find themselves in the public professions.


The results of a study conducted among American College students, confirmed that "the gift is more valuable than money". If the mother gift the student is willing to spend $100, in the absence of a gift will be awarded $200 cash. An acceptable amount, when it is not expressed in physical and monetary units, doubles. Dutch researchers went a step further and figured out a way to triple the value of a gift: you have to present it together with the history of difficult acquisition. The students were given a card on which were described the various options of gifts and circumstances associated with the purchase. Gifts purchased in rain-snow-hail on the other side of town, despite the terrible employment and other difficulties, were evaluated higher than those that are easy to get to the donor.

Isteroidy: Boris Drubetskoy from the novel "War and peace", Phoebe from the TV series "Friends". People of this type give a spectacular, personalized gifts. Good medals, diplomas, pood bouquets of flowers, clouds of balloons, portrait doll, unique favors – all in bright packaging. Don't forget to pronounce a laudatory toast to the celebrant. Better in verse. This is sure to be appreciated.


Emotiva distinguished by excessive sensitivity and vulnerability. He deeply experienced the slightest trouble, observations and failure is often in a sad mood, can easily cry during touching scenes in the movie. Representative of this type, impressionable and touchy at the same time, always ready to help others. This is the staunch defender of the weak and helpless. Emotives: Dr. Feelgood, Natasha Rostova from "War and peace". Emotive like a warm and spiritual gifts: verses homemade greeting cards, outlandish things in the romantic style, boxes handmade, jewelry and talismans. Do not forget to provide your gift of kind words and warm hugs.


American marketers have found that if you give two gifts at once – one expensive, the other cheaper, contrary to all laws of logic, the impression of a more expensive purchase does not increase, but decreases. One group of subjects were asked to rate their impressions if on the occasion they will receive a brand new "Apple" tablet, while the second group were promised the tablet, and MP3 to boot. Surprisingly, "single", the tablet received greater score. In addition, similar results are cause for fines and information products. This effect was named by researchers the "paradox of giving". Remember this, if you stocked up a few gifts, do not give them at the same time.

"PENDULUM" (CYCLOID), the Mood of the cycloid varies between beautiful and ugly. In the moments of ascent, it is similar to hypertime, and in times of recession its state to the brink of depression, to its former power and performance leave it. But this period new follow UPS. Cycloid talkative, sociable, able to immerse himself in work. If loved ones take it together with "cockroaches", they can become a loyal loving partner and friend.

Cycloid: Sancho Panza from "don Quixote" of Cervantes, Ostap Bender from the Twelve chairs by Ilf and Petrov. Arrange the cycloid unforgettable surprise party, with lots of good music, snacks, drinks and, of course, his beloved friends. Also suitable for theatre tickets, certificates for Spa treatments and trips to the warm countries.


Difficult to choose a gift? Rummage in your closet or on the balcony. Certainly there are a lot of interesting things. Unnecessary figurines, vases and other household items will delight. Friend sitting on a diet, give favorite sweets with the words: "too Late to protect the figure when you have nothing to protect". Let him eating properly, a holiday, after all. Colleague give a breath freshener, a curious neighbor binoculars, mother-in-law (mother-in-law) – a broom, and a spouse (wife) – antler. Original and useful in the household. Children better to give me something tough, they love it, unlike their parents. For example, an inflatable hammer or a good Chinese water gun, one at all – the strongest will survive. To peel off the price tags – the lot of hypocrites. If you bought a watch for half, let your friend know how you appreciate it, and if you don't have much to spend, it will relieve him from a sense of duty.



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