Dry fasting: 24 hours without water

Clean food, which a lot of writing raw foodists and Vadim Zeland (whose books "Hacking the technogenic system" and "Apocryphal Transerfing" I am particularly inspired), prepares the body and mind to cleanse a more serious manner at the cellular level.


Even before going raw three years ago I became interested in fasting, consulted with a specialist in Ayurveda and have chosen the option of fasting on freshly squeezed juices 1-2 times a month. These purges took place with varying degrees of success, are not always able to withstand 36 hours on a liquid diet (if it was for me not the food, and the most that neither is a hungry hunger), but the feeling of lightness, of joy, of freshness arrived, I wanted to improve in the practice of yoga to improve your mind, to have constant access to creative energy and potential, which are not blocked by toxins from unnatural food.

So I kept going. Going on a raw food diet, tried the fasting on pure water, also within a 36-hour practices. It turned out to be more difficult, but also quite interesting. And finally, inspired by the example of other raw foodists and leading a healthy way of life, I decided to include in the 36-hour fasting 24 hour stay without water, i.e. dry fasting.

In this time of water contact is generally impossible: neither wash nor brush their teeth nor wash dishes, nor even to get out of the rain. Adherents attribute this to the fact that the cells without water then transfer to another mode of operation, the whole body is updated, it "wakes up", "restarts". To read more about the wonders of dry fasting can be available today in literature and on websites and forums on the topic. I do not want to retell here the theoretical information that other people present with great skill so I'll just share my feelings and results — maybe it will inspire you.

The feeling that the skin is more silky, indeed, there were already 12 hours. Although without washing and especially without brushing your teeth, tongue, nasal lavage, to which I am accustomed and in General, and as a Yogini (Punto Switcher offers to replace the "goddess" and he is not far from the truth), not very nice. However, I think it's more of a habit (without us, or rather, our mind as the system is stable, always uncomfortable), rather than a real sharp hygienic necessity. And yet for this reason hardly imagine 2, 3, 4, 5-daily dry fasting. But there's no hurry.

Many times I heard that dry fasting is easier than fasting on water and juices — it's all liquid food. I had a lot of doubts about this: well, as the failure of two vital things could be easier than giving up one?.. And all-taki is easier — I can now say from my own experience! Juices or water in the evening, the mood was usually already not so joyful, often attended by headache, weakness, irritability more (especially in the first times of such practices) or less (when connecting meditation, pranayama, yoga, walks).

On dry fasting, I was in a state of harmony, lightness, energy lifting all the time! About food from the middle of the day was not remembered at all, two hours of studying yoga with great enthusiasm and without any weakness! The fasting usually freezes, but the juices or water that obnoxious stage I lasted a few hours and had for the evening (along with the thoughts "How to live before Breakfast"), and here, at lunch time, ie in 5-6 hours after you log on to a dry hunger. Froze about 30 minutes, until I sat down to meditate, wrapped in a blanket. After 10-15 minutes of his woolen arms were freed and the rest of the day no more discomfort experienced.

The water is so familiar to us that we automatically opolaskivaniem hands, open taps, etc. And here — not a drop and it is necessary to follow — together a good training awareness work. Sometimes losing vigilance, I get startled, for example, including an e-book or combing: stop, I can today?.. Ah, Yes, you can!

The last thing I want to say: it's time to sleep. Was ready for 8-10 hours, linking this with the cleansing of the body, weakness, which usually happens in other types of hunger, etc. And as a result barely forced myself to sleep at least 5 hours! At first I could not sleep, finally turned on the light and almost another hour, reading a book on yoga. And then began to Wake up 3 in the morning: is not it time yet to get up? is not it time? The alarm was set on 7 (like every morning), but I could not resist already 5:40 and got up, full of energy and positivity.

By the way, funny thing: practicing dry fasting say water even dream about it sometimes, I was very interested to know whether this is so. Had a dream about it! I fed it from a bottle some ridiculous, but very cute animal, which before that used to drive me around on their backs — a cross between an ostrich and a small camel. So, while fed it to him, she took a few drops of water. But it's a dream, but in reality, the output of the daily dry fasting occurs on the minute 24 hours after the entrance. And it is the greatest pleasure just to drink clean water! Speaking about the result of this cleaning, I repeat: the state of the fresh, joyous, a sea of forces and great plans for the coming day.

Yes, absolutely the last. On fasting of any kind of acute question: what to do? No usual lethargy and sleepiness that happens after meals, especially heavy or in large quantities, forces very much, and if you combine all of this practice, it is quite Hercules turns out, in the body the easy (and minus 2 kg per day personally I have), time — the car... what to spend the arriving energy and creative inspiration, what to do, where to go, what to see, to read, to write, something to think about — should plan in advance. Because with the level of productivity on dry fasting miracles happen, as with the flow of creativity — unless, of course, to switch at this time from everyday Affairs to some more interesting, non-standard tasks.

At the end of the experiment for me was the obvious that I will continue this practice. The plan is simple, but to relate it in the first place with health: practice of dry fasting every two weeks, then once a week after some time to try cascading fasting (baseline: day — food and water, day dry hunger, and so on for 7 days).

The value of fasting, not only for the body, which aktiviziruyutsya in the face of unusual regime, but also for emotions that come into balance, the mind, which becomes more calm.

Is very important process of setting priorities in the work and its mode in the availability, quantity and quality of personal practice, communicating with certain people. Come new ideas, expanding horizons and the palette of sensations, the world is perceived fresh, more vibrant colors. After fasting you want to live, investing yourself into something "reasonable, good and eternal"!

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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