Approximate classification of personality types in the forums

1 - Superposter. This guy will post a lot pix and videos. The most effective way to attract attention - put (VIDEO) or (PIC) of the title posting, forum visitors to understand what awaits them inside thread.

2 - Poster troll. This guy is very nuisance, posts cartoons offending other participants of the forum, a post inappropriate comments, and generally behaves like a "madman." Oddly enough, people are drawn to such informals and, as a consequence, are more susceptible to marketing.

3 - Theatrical drama. Two nickname crumble each other "in the flesh" in the pages of the forum, thus attracting a lot the visitors who are quite prepared to accept advertising

4 - Mr. Helper. This fellow is always waiting in the wings with the answers to questions of other visitors. His answers are practical and really help (ie, it's not answers to stupid questions that have no real value, or may be regarded as "trolling┬╗)

5 - Mr. big bucks. Or Mr. Auto. This person usually post photos of their material achievements - to gain the trust of those who respect the imaginary winners. As a consequence, they listened with interest to the "assumptions" Mr. "Grandmother" to the sites or products that he recommends. Disadvantage: keep this game is quite difficult, you need not cross the thin line beyond which "cool" becomes a "clown". Another drawback - the enemy in the person of Mr. Hater.

6 - Mr. hater. This gentleman is quick to respond to the mistakes of others, and post sarcastic, sarcastic or derogatory comments based on real facts (links to previous posts victim almost mandatory) - to him being accused of "trollizme." Disadvantage: you need to have enough intelligence, gall intelligence and sense of humor to act as sophisticated Hater. It is worth a little stumble - and you're already up to their ears in mud. The worst manifestation of haters: 1) Frank hypocrite (so it follows the story of your posts), or 2) a frank envious (the best way to get into this category - hate "friendly", ie, hate desire someone to solve their problems)

7 - Authority. This fellow is rarely makes posts about business. He does not need. His work is widely known, and it has earned a reputation in this forum. He is respected. Deservedly. Quite a rare type of poster. 8 - Clown. Like a troll, this fellow will post a lot of unnecessary junk. Many speculate on gay references, flattery, and other types of buffoonery. However, despite the aura of a jester, this is a good way of marketing. Sold as the name and style of posting. The peculiar brand, with all the ensuing advantages. Disadvantages: can be quite difficult to take seriously the recommendations of these people, it is unclear where it ends humor.

9 - Goth / Neformal. You can create an endless list of the characteristics of such persons. But the key point - to catch a wave, whether tattoo or drugs, satanic or atheist nonsense nonsense. Such a home with Marilyn Manson. The main thing - to stand out from the banal crowd that goes to work, listening to traditional rock, etc. Disadvantages: it is unclear where to draw the boundary line, or you can go very far.

10 - Early Member. This citizen likes to remind others of their age and inexperience. No matter how prosperous may seem (or try to look) younger visitors, Early Member will grumble about the "youth" and to remember "the good old days." Disadvantage: You can earn the label "man out of business."

11 - Mr. Right / Left. If you stay in the mainstream of public life, you can try this type of poster. This fellow did not perceive the arguments of opponents, bends the line and does not shun any means to "shut up" opponents. Regardless of the side (left-right), the rules are the same. NEVER accept the arguments of opponents of the facts, nuances, compassion - the enemy of this type of posters.

12 - Immigrant / racist. In fact, a kind of clown. Immigrant / Racist chooses its national characteristics and spreads around her "serious" clowning. While it may be offensive to most people, there is an audience that will appeal to such displays of emotion. Disadvantages: too easy to cross the line of what is permitted.

13 - Victim / need help. This person is a permanent post calls for help, but in the subsequent positions offers links to their sponsors as a solution. Method Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan. Part of the army was sent against a strong enemy flank, and simulated flight. Flank the enemy began the pursuit to stumble upon ... ready to fight the main forces of the Mongol army. Disadvantage: quite difficult to repeat this trick again and again, and not to look at this idiot, or thunder in the ignore list.

14 - Man-News. Post news and jokes as if he opened a retail branch program "Vesti" and "Full House." Unoriginal, but effective way to start a discussion. It is necessary to post the news that "hurt" readers, and affect their sense of humor, the sympathy, disgust or hatred. & Quot; A source


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