How completely removed from "Vkontakte"

It is a pity that it is impossible to completely delete your account from the social network "Vkontakte" – this phrase probably heard each of us. Correctly, completely remove your profile can not, you can only restrict access to his page, and then think better of it, a couple of clicks of the mouse to return within a month.
As practice shows, to their senses after a few days, showing a very strong dependence. Why, you ask, be completely removed? It is everyone's business: someone is running from addiction, realizing it only for a couple of hours, someone from the broken feelings or a virtual love, someone I have long wanted, but did not dare, and today came flooding back. However, having calmed down, everyone returned to their seats.
Those who do not want such a fate himself and really wants to leave forever, we suggest you perform the following steps:
1. You need to create a mailbox on any free server (,,
2. Go to menu "Settings" social network "Vkontakte", "Privacy". Next to "Who can see my page" is set to "Only me".
3. In the menu "settings" go to menu "Main", item: "Change password" in the top line type the old password, then without closing the page, skip to the next item.
4. Open a text editor such as Notepad, put all your fingers on the keyboard randomly and alternately press (English keyboard layout!) for any keys with letters and numbers, thus You will create a completely unique password. Next you need to select any part of the created password that is 15 characters and copy them to the clipboard (via right mouse button or Ctrl+C). Close Notepad without saving the file.

5. Go back to settings "General" in the field "New password" you need to insert what was copied from Notepad, repeat this procedure for the field "Confirm new password". Click on the "Change password". If You did everything correctly, the page will automatically refresh and at the top is the inscription — "Password changed".
6. Then go down below to the field "Change email". Remember, You initially created a new mailbox? Paste the address into the field "New email", then click "Change e-mail".
7. After that, Your old and new e-mail will come letter. First you need to open the email from your old address and click the confirmation link; then go to the new mailbox, and here, too, click on the confirmation link. If You did everything correctly, the page "Vkontakte" will close, and you'll be prompted for a login/password.
8. Final stage: so You never used the button "Recover password", delete the new mailbox, each service has their own ways of removal.
All You have completely changed the login (mailbox, not an existing one) and completely removed the password that is impossible to recover and remember. Success.

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