Is it possible to know who visited Your page Vkontakte?

How to know who visited my Facebook page — this issue sooner or later, given each user of the social network.
No counters are safe and especially on the list of those who was on Your Facebook page should not even dream of. The creators of this network decided that it would provide similar functionality to their users in the near future do not plan.
The curiosity of people never knew the boundaries, so in the course went all sorts of tricks that are able to capture at least some of the visitors of Your account. Looking ahead, we can say one thing – no apps and counters, counting and securing all the views and visits to Your page Vkontakte, do not yet exist. There are several apps that record and display the names of those who passed by a particular link on Your page.

You need to accept the idea that to know who visited my Facebook page will work only if the user will click on the link and click on it maybe as one of the five visitors, and one of the hundreds. In our situation one can only try to post a link to the app so what would it wanted to click the maximum number of users.
The app, which will help to know who came to your page, called "My secret love". You will be able to find it using the search in the social network.

But remember, without installing any counters on your page is full of information to obtain is unrealistic. So programs that promise complete data about all visited Your profile is a fraud.

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