Who remembers that? (Part 3)

This is the third and last part of the review games that "shkolote not understand ...»

In the last two topics I described 3D Action, Racing, AviaSim, Strategy, Arcade. In this article, I want to recall the game genre RPG, Quest, SpaceSim.
Each section contains 3 games. If this does not entered the game that you think is worthy of attention, please upload a couple of screenshots, a brief description and possible link to download.

Suffered ... (16 prints)

Frankly, at the time of the RPG genre he was far from me, and I'm not really describe them can not. But it seems to me the following games were once leaders.

Might & Magic 3 (1991)

Download Might & Magic 3

Lands of lore: The throne of chaos (1993)


Download Lands of lore: The throne of chaos 04
Zeliard (1990)
By law, recognized as one of the most complex RPG ever. Pass it to the end, only a few could. The game has nice graphics and music is simply magic. Somewhere in the internet Sital that a group of enthusiasts carries it in 3D.

Download Zeliard 05
Perhaps in this section, you can put an infinite number of quests that have been written for those 3 years (90-93gg)
but still we have a limit of 3 games.
Perhaps I'll start with the absolute and undisputed leader of this genre ...

Gobliiins (1991)
This game proves that the French can whenever they want. That there is only one intro. When I was small, I tore to shreds with laughter. All actions goblins made with humor. Especially wrong actions that take general health.
It will be able to outdo except that the third part of the game. In general, who did not play - swing dosboks, download the game and play!


Download Gobliiins 07
Dune (1992)
Only two houses were given the right to manage the planet Arakis, more commonly known under the name of Dune - this is your house and House Harkonnen. You need to produce probably the most important matter in the universe - the spice. To produce the spice you need help the world's population Dune, the so-called Freeman. Dune - is the planet of sands, spice, and your most hated enemies, House Harkonnen.

Dune - one of the first games in the style, which mixed elements of the genre of adventure and real-time strategy.

Download Dune 09
Space quest 5: Next mutation

No comments ...


Download Space quest 5: Next mutation 11
Space sim
Then I decided to do a bit unusual, and include two parts of the series in the review.

Elite + (1992)
The game Elite you have your own boat, a little bit of money and, unfortunately, no additional equipment. You can choose who you will become - an honest trader, pirate or developer meteorites. Resell products, earn money or rob other people's vehicles. Once you have a sufficient level, you will be offered a mission on the implementation of which you can achieve the highest rating - Elite.
This game first appeared on the platform of the BBC and Acorn, and since she was a runaway success, she was transferred to a PC Andy Onions and was named Elite Plus.


Download Elite plus 13
[b] Frontier (Elite II) - (1994)
The game - a masterpiece of the world, without exaggeration. So far, none of the space game is not surpassed its complexity and realism. Until now, no one realized the game is not landing on the planet in real time. Until now, no game can boast of such an elaboration of astro-physics. According to the developers of the game universe Frontier has about 100, 000, 000, 000 planets, so you never see how big it is. (who do not believe ask here Map of stellar systems) And it's all in the 650 KB size. Eeeyy ... X-tension where are you ???


Download Frontier: Elite II
You will never pass this game because it is infinite as the universe. 15
Wing Commander (1990)
The game features an excellent quality of graphics achieved by prerenderenyh models of ships and planets. A large number of videos, playable between missions, turns an ordinary space in a fun and exciting adventure. One of the nice features is the presence of your fellows to fight dubbed the dialogues that make the characters more vivid and memorable.


Download Wing Commander

That ended my review of old games. If the itch to play, download and play. I will be glad to know that someone is my work useful




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