Destroying legends: Tablet head of Gazprom

I am a "little bit" destroy a legend. Namely: "The tablet Miller»

From the second time the media has flown "news" that appeared "plate for the head of Gazprom," worth about 120 megarubley ...
Babbitt this Old picks up and feels appropriate feelings. Why is this happening - described centuries. Well, because people want. Lazy to dig up the truth, and no time.

Well, the "sundry" - break down once created media stereotype.
So recently, a year after the tender, there was information about the completion of the work.
The media just does not illuminate the whole iceberg of information, giving 99% of their readers (viewers / listeners) only a tiny fraction of this information, which caused a corresponding reaction from respondents.
Let's see what it represents the legendary "Flatbed Miller, head of Gazprom»

9 photo.

Let's start with the original tender documentation in the public domain (also known as the main PROOF):
The scribe of all the documentation - the explosion of the brain, so tell us briefly.
That information model Gazprom (picture from these documents) until the workstation (AWS) Chairman of the Board

Parse the picture in parts.
Areas of activity:
• Production
• Transport
• Underground gas storage
• Recycling
• Gas distribution and sale
• Not on the picture direction
Each of the areas is split up, on average, a dozen - half of subsidiaries (cities).
Each subsidiary (TO) there are 2 - 5 information systems ensure the functioning of society. It usually samopisnye system unrelated to the world monsters software, but are obliged to live for without them is nowhere.
Total rough estimate: (5 lines of 10 * to * 3 inf. Systems) = 150 disparate systems, which require (and are separate projects) integration ties.

Vertically integrated solutions
Now consider the centralized systems that meet their exceptional role (IMS - Information Management System)
• T MIS - ICS gas transportation
• ASBU - automated accounting system
• CAM - automated system for personnel management
• ACS MRO - automated control system maintenance and repair of equipment
• Etc.
I say at once: all the systems in this picture taken on the products of the German company SAP AG (about it below)
Russian representation of SAP:

A little bit about SAP

By itself, a family of products SAP is not bad, I would say - very good, but in the right hands. Its introduction in the Russian big business - a good indicator of how the German pedantry death broken on the Russian reality.
Background 1. The Germans themselves were trying to get into our market a half-dozen years ago. Broken off. Well, not working their perfected machine in our environment. And the loot in front of them - gorgeous. Unscrew: they began to bring SAP-consultants from our Russian people. It has turned out. And wages are good consultants and developers, and dividends from the company.

Background 2. At SAP products now sits:
• All Naftogaz
• Energy
• The nuclear industry
• Railways (the world's largest consumer of SAP, the world's only one unlimited license)
• Most telecom
• Large and medium retail
• Etc. (Who should be - dig site)

Spherical SAP consultant in a vacuum:

Naked figures.
If I start to sound numbers, many will begin to demolish the tower, and the topic will have to endure in the "Corner bastards».
But! I still do it!
So: for the customer the level of large business in Russia the cost of one day of a consultant SAP: 30,000 - 40000r. Well, let's 35tyr. Himself consultant of the money goes to a relatively small, but has a professional RFP 100-200 sput (this little retreat, it was clear).
Who does not believe in headhunters help:

Vertically-integrated solutions (VIR) consist of several landscapes:
• SAP ERP (corporate information systems, she ICS)
• SAP BI (system of construction of corporate reporting, multidimensional cubes)
• SAP Portal (not everywhere and not always, but it happens)
• Auxiliary and integrated systems, such as SAP PI
Each of these products, in the context of decisions must also be put on trehsistemny landscape: DEV, QAS (test), PROD.
Total obtain a hundred (or more) servers. Knowledgeable people price estimate.
The implementation project of WRI takes a year and a half. On average, 100 consultants + + developers and other management staff.
Total is one of VIR, on average: 12 (months) * 20 (work-days) * 100 (people) * 30000r. (Payment) = 720000000r. Estimates, of course, extremely rough, but ... we have to be. The actual amount of very few people call.
There is a reasonable question: why spend such megacorporations "insane" amount for the implementation of such systems expensive (I have not yet talked about the cost of the license, where a license for a single user is measured in several kiloEvro)?
• automation, information, getting rid of the paperwork ... Yes, it's obvious. But the most important thing on:
• If the corporation goes into international markets stock trading, it simply must expand at an ERP system such giants like SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc. Otherwise, the world market closed to her.
• The capitalization of the corporation, ie, intentional increase in enterprise value "tablet" Miller
Aggregate information from the WRI merged in QCD (EDW). The scale storage can present themselves.
On multidimensional cubes of this system is based statements of different purpose (which is not in itself a small work and the budget). Further, the reports can be provided to third-party systems.
Including mobile devices: phones, tablets, laptops and other Soup.
In the original plan (Summer 2013) was supposed to create 80 web services to access the reporting and management. However, there is still a serious condition Safety: For the device to operate in unprotected external networks.
In the picture I purposely showed that "the head of Gazprom Tablet" - it is not a device. Such devices can be connected to the system of thousands.

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Regarding the money to develop ... spying on the page above:
120000000r (budget) / 30000 (payment of man-days) = 4000 (man-days)
Let - 9 months:
4000 (man-days) / 9 (months) / 20 (days) = 22 consultant-developer.
The scale of our oil and gas - it is nothing.
I hope I have opened people's eyes and they will no longer blindly believe in a platinum aypad with rhinestones.
Therefore, I propose to call all the leaders of the bourgeoisie without exception. They have such a position, and work accordingly, and so the responsibility should be commensurate with the income.

PS (I finished): a little bit about the media and why this "tablet" touched me.
Just leave it here:


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