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Shamelessness with which the Russian state organizations advertise their efforts to create a "Russian devices" does not strike me for a long time. In the end, not the device is stored, and the noise around him. Statesmen happy to find support among the population, which approves the creation of chimeras and says that we need to be strong. As if I argue with the assertion that Russia should be a strong state. Perhaps I was exasperated others - that time and money spent on imaginary projects that could be used to create real devices, solving real and not imaginary problems. And here I am with our officials on IT is not exactly on the way, as they only address their personal problems without thinking about the state, or the more tax money that are spent on their research. Among the amazing projects that were in Russia in recent years, replenishment, we have a tablet for the military. Recall that the last time my attention was attracted to the smartphone Railways in 47 thousand rubles.

But let us return to the "Russian development" or rather, the tablet RCISCU from Central Research Institute of Economy, Informatics and control systems. For the first time information about the device appeared on the RIA Novosti interview with Dmitry Petrov, Deputy Director General for Development Research Institute EISU, which is included in Rostec.
Mr. Petrov said: "We really have created a secure operating system (OS) RCISCU (Russian mobile operating system), which implies the absence of leaks, eliminates different tabs makes it impossible to install spyware, wiretap." He also said: "The presence of any Western" vendor "means the ability to automatically manage data, or remove some information».
In the words of Mr. Petrov everything perfectly, but a special surprise is the photo that accompanies the text, for it demonstrates the aforesaid official Russian tablet, which does not participate in any Western vendors. Carefully look at the picture.

The site RIA now, of course, adorns otfotoshoplenny option. But the photo is already spreading through the Internet.
Pay attention to the upper left corner of the tablet. It flaunts inscription Motorola, the manufacturer has not yet been sold to Chinese Lenovo, it is still an American company. Moreover, a division of Motorola, which makes this tablet runs on the US Department of Defense, and does not fall under a deal with Lenovo. It's nice that Russia does not consider Motorola «Western vendors," but essentially it does not change things. Well, that Mr. Petrov acknowledges that "the existence of any Western" vendor "means the ability to automatically manage data, or remove any information." But in practice, he shows us is his product. And against the backdrop of a string of scandals that have shaken Europe (phone listening Merkel as an option), it is clear that this technique bookmark in there by default. Selecting a vendor that has a long and close relationship with the US Department of Defense, looks at least strange, but there's time to think about pests and conscious steps aimed at undermining the country's defense. While it may be just an ordinary lack of professionalism in their field, even worse.
The market is not a lot of producers protected tablets, but they exist. Moreover, it is possible to create such a device on the basis of components from different companies, to reduce the influence of the US and the companies from that country to the final product - in general it is impossible to give them up. But why choose the model of Motorola, released in March 2012, I was absolutely incomprehensible.

Here is a model of Motorola Xyboard, which at the time cost $ 499 (10-inch optional), it used rubber inserts, as well as nano-coating, water-repellent. No certification standard IP for this model has been conducted, as well as tests on strength falls. Anyway, to find references to this I could not anywhere else, I would appreciate official sources, if any. I managed to contact one of the developers of the former Motorola, had to do with this device. He said that initially planned defense, but it has not been fully implemented because of the cost - is banal fought for a low price on the shelf, it was a commercial device for everyone. The model began to develop in 2010 and has a number of limitations.
In particular, it is used in a dual-core chip from TI, frequency up to 1.2 GHz, RAM - 1 GB. The problem with this chipset is that it allows you to install only Android 4.1.x, but installing 4.3, version 4.4 is not possible. It can be assumed that the CRI EISU asked to rework the filling plate, and then the word about the "pilot batch" are true. Against this version says that the version of Android tablet in the old, that is, it seems, the same plate. I am somewhat confused by what they say, that there is some mechanical button, which you can turn off all communications - in the original version of the tablet it does not exist. The commercial product is no such a key, it is present in the tablet that Motorola created for the US Department of Defense in 2010, but recently abandoned its purchases due to lack of protection of the enclosure. It is possible that in CRI EISU got these devices.
In terms of the cost of the plates Motorola can not be expensive - even in the minimum price for these games surplus stock may be about $ 250. This is the price of "iron" no development is not here, because everything has already been developed in 2010-2011 in Motorola. Now let's move to the "Russian operating system».

Let again to quote the statement of Mr. Petrov: "We really have created a secure operating system (OS) RCISCU (Russian mobile operating system), which implies the absence of leaks, eliminates different tabs makes it impossible to install spyware, wiretapping».
Russia has become a rule of etiquette to create their own operating systems based on improper Android, which is owned by Google. How is it possible to ensure the safety of such devices remains a mystery to me - at the level of the system is the development of a stranger, which may have a bookmark, the more so since version 4.1.2, which is used in these tablets, Motorola heavily modified for a specific hardware. Trying to remove these modifications will automatically lead to malfunction of the tablet. A vicious circle.
Given that the first mention of this tablet RCISCU and Russia are in the summer of 2012, we can estimate the scale of the works, which then stood in front of the Moscow Research Institute of Engineering Technology Institute, the project was born there. The project then showed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, promised to release on the market before the end of 2012 at a price of 15,000 rubles. True, shows the version of Motorola with a diagonal of 8.4 inches, and a sample was taken prudently inscription Motorola.

It surprises me in this story is not even the fact that officials now do not even bother to remove the word from the Motorola housing, but the way they continue to argue that this tablet will be assembled in Russia. I am confident that under the assembly meant deleting word Motorola and the subsequent return of the front panel into place may wrap. But this device is able to be carried out only outside Russia - no prerequisites that Motorola moved assembly lines of the tablet to us, no.
How much will this outdated tablet? It does not matter. The most important is that these people are engaged in the project for the past two years and have not achieved any results. They took a commercial product, which is already sold, added to the minimum software and screen saver drew his institute - but even it took two years. All the while, these people were paid from our taxes, and their effectiveness, as you know, a little more than zero. I was jarred by this. And even more cringe when trying to present this shame as pride. During this period it was possible to create a device from scratch with fundamentally different characteristics, unique in every sense. There are engineers who have an understanding of the market, there is an experience. But there is a small problem - these people work, rather than just eat up taxpayers' money. And, apparently, they are not with the officials on the way. We need something to do, and do it together. His part of the work I have done, spoke in detail about this disgrace in the form RCISCU. Your part may be to a simple thing - to make this information as accessible as possible for all, give a link to this part of the "Spillikins" to everyone you know. Try to keep this "Russian project" determine the maximum number of people. Only public discussion antics officials will be able to stop it, oddly enough, is still working for these "projects", they are afraid of fire of public debate.




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