Ultrabook inside. Review Acer Aspire Switch 12

The market of compact computers, it would seem, it is simply no longer crowded. Previously, it was presented only laptops, but now from a variety of devices already head is spinning. This little old netbooks, ultrabooks and modern, and the Chromebook. There are tablets that transform into a laptop, there are notebooks that are converted to the plate - just gadgets for every taste and color. But Acer has gone a step further and made a device that turns into a tablet from the laptop, and from a laptop into a desktop computer. Do not believe me? Then climb a cat.


Design h4> Perhaps, the first thing you notice when you take the device in hand - is its custom appearance. Looks Switch 12 as the standard tablet with a keyboard, but only as long as it does not open. Typically, hybrid plates assembled are no different from the usual laptop, immediately turns the screen as if from the outside. The design of this device is different, unfolded it like a notebook, whose display base was moved closer to the middle of the bottom. In the photos it is clearly shown and, as they say, better to see once.

But back to the configuration Switch 12. In the box with the device is a charger that resembles rather charge a laptop than a tablet. In addition, there was a leather case. Wear Acer Aspire Switch 12 without a cover is not recommended, because it can not in any way close the screen so that it is protected. This, of course, a small minus. In addition, in a case there is no pocket for charger, so I have to still use a backpack or bag for transport. Included stylus is not, although the tablet has support for this accessory, but the price will be minimal, and the digital pen by those who need it, will always be able to purchase separately.

Himself tablet (laptop? Console? PC?) Made of ribbed matte black plastic. Of course, it may seem boring, but the material looks the most strict and stylish, with a quite practical. On the surface of a fingerprint can not be seen. The only weak spot is still only a glossy screen coating.

The gadget is quite heavy, without the keyboard of his weight is 1, 1 kg, and the whole set (Case, Keyboard, charge) and at all 2 1 kg. Agree, it is not too small, so that, by weight, is likely still a laptop, not a tablet. The body is durable, and the structure rigid, so that twisting and bending the plate hardly reacts. Yes, and collected 12 Switch soundly: robust hinges, all of the elements fit perfectly, it is clear that a premium product.

By the way, pleasantly surprised and thought-out details such as the tipping device. For notebooks sometimes the test is the fact whether the screen opens easily with one hand. Ideally this test only passes MacBook. So, in the case of the Aspire Switch 12 is a test, of course, not necessary, but the stability of the structure, we still checked. Even with very wide open and the screen turned off the keyboard (it changes the center of gravity) tablet falls, which is important. Yes, and assembled in her lap to keep handy gadget, although the first time and unusual that the screen is so close.

By the way, I forgot to tell you about uses of Switch 12. They had already 5. The first and most clearly - is, of course, the tablet. Only the screen and nothing more. The second option - a laptop. Connecting the keyboard front, we lift the screen and that's in front of us familiar form factor, is that the screen is slightly shifted closer to the keyboard. The third case - the so-called console. Turning off the keyboard, turn over the plate, open the stand and set the table area. It turns angled display, which is convenient to draw, read or watch movies. The fourth option - it's just a display, but everything is quite simple. Turning off the keyboard, screen and open here, we have a monitor on which you can also view photos or movies. Well, if you put a keyboard in front of him, then this will be the fifth option - a PC, except that still have to connect the mouse to complete happiness.

Screen size is 12, 5-inch tablet that is already a lot for a little notebook, but for such a device - at the time. When work is not a feeling that need display more or less, that's really really, you choose the size perfect. The screen is covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display resolution is 1920x1080 pixels that a diagonal is a good indicator. The screen quality is high, the picture is a clear, bright and contrast, so that even in bright sunlight there is no problem, except that little glare glossy glass.

Interfaces and keyboard h4> Although it is a tablet, there is a rack and a keyboard, and thus have to be some connectors. Well, you have to look closely. So, at the base of the only full-size port USB 2.0, which is suitable for connecting flash drives, external hard drive, or a mouse. On the tablet you have microUSB 3.0, but is unlikely to be connected to anything without an adapter on a full-sized USB. Although, if you have a flash drive with microUSB, then it can be easily prikonnektit.

Charging the device takes place through a single port, so that both USB is always available. Alas, only two ports, and then one of them requires an adapter - it's too small for a laptop, and even more so for a full computer. Of course, we all remember the new Apple MacBook, in which only a single port USB Type-C in general for all, but the USB-hub Switch 12 also clearly have to buy if you want to connect something in addition to the stick, and the mouse, and even more so, If you plan to use it at work.

At the top end, next to the power button on the device, there is a card reader, but it is only for cards format microSD. Alas, if you want to see pictures from the camera, it is necessary to carry a device to an external memory card reader, in fact hardly your camera microSD. Next to the video output port microUSB is micro-HDMI, so that at any time, you can connect the tablet to a TV or external display, of course, if there is an adapter. Unfortunately, to make full use of all possibilities Acer Aspire Switch 12 will have to be bought by different adapters, which are not included, if you need all this, of course. Port selection is good, but it would be much better if there were two full USB, HDMI and a standard slot for SD (although without it you can do exactly), because the size of the body allows.

The keyboard is Acer Aspire Switch 12 - it is both an integral part and accessory. When connecting the keyboard to the device, it forms a single unit with it. But it works only over a wireless connection. Charge the keyboard only when connected to the rear end stands on the front there are no contacts. And of course, there are no third-party devices to charge the keyboard itself is not provided. The keys are a bit rough here, so fingers do not slip, and the location of the island (where there is a gap between the keys). The course is not very big, comfortable typing.

Of course, the keyboard is very compact and many buttons are either non-existent or combined with others, and use them in conjunction with the proposed key Fn. Interestingly, for the sake of compactness Acer removed from the keyboard touchpad. Instead he made a joystick - exactly the same as we've seen in notebooks IBM (or now Lenovo) ThinkPad. But the buttons are, they are very subtle and are subject to space. Driving through these elements is convenient, but I would still prefer a mouse (on the road enough and touch screen).

Filling h4> There are a tablet, of course, wireless modules. Since the Switch 12 is based on the processor line Broadwell (but more on that later), it is equipped with a module Intel Wireless-AC 7265, which, as the name implies, can work in networks of Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac ranges 2, 4, and 5 GHz, as well as Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, there is supported by technology WiDi (Wireless Display) for transmitting the image on external displays without wires, with this work and competing Miracast. It is enough to have the desired receiver, then you can do without the cables and adapters.

Very conveniently located in the plate dynamics. It turns out that for any position of the device they are always focused on the person. Two stereo speakers are located on the front of the stand and are difficult to overlook. The quality is quite tolerable for watching movies and listening to music even for them enough. In a pinch, you can always listen to the sound through the connector 3, 5 mm (it is also present, of course).

Acer Aspire Switch 12 is based on contemporary economical processor Intel Core M-5Y10c from family Broadwell. This chip has a wide frequency range, adapts to the current load and especially not heated - because of this, by the way, there is no laptop coolers, all passive cooling. Processor, of course, is not very powerful, but to work with documents, surfing the Internet it enough, well, better to look for games other devices.

The device 4 GB RAM and a 60 GB SSD for data storage. SSD, by the way, quite fast, especially when a device is switched on and out of sleep mode, since it takes a few seconds.

As for the graphics, there is, of course, uses integrated graphics, HD 5300. For some low-powered toys her even enough, but if only minimum settings. Another question - in the games the CPU will be heated more than in office applications, and therefore will reduce the frequency and, consequently, will brake. So play on devices with Core M is not necessary, not for this they are made.

Battery and Charging h4> Charging gadget with the help of a proprietary charging - it produces 45 watts, while the tablet just 17 watts, even under high load. The battery in Switch 12 is not very big - trёhsektsionny used lithium-ion battery capacity of 3220 mAh. However, here and reveal the benefits of CPU Core M, as even with such a container gadget can work up to 6 hours, while showing video. If you want to read a book, then the battery will last for 12-14 hours.

Charging gadget for long, but basically, if you're constantly behind him will work, and you can not remove it from the charging. The only thing that's a little frustrating - this is what you need to reconnect the keyboard to its charge.

Summary h4>

Advantages h5>


Quiet operation


Versatility, many modes

High-quality screen

Cons h5>

One should always be worn cover

None of the usual touchpad

Several heavy

Adapter required to complete the work

Acer has managed to make an unusual but interesting hybrid tablet. Of course, it is different from anything on the market, and it is unclear whether this is good or bad. But the device is convenient to use (despite the unusual form factor), and this is important. This device certainly will appeal to all who work everywhere: at home, at work, on the road, because it can be used everywhere in different ways and to extract from it. Competitors in this gadget will be very small, it is too unusual and difficult to pick up analogues. To date, of the alternatives can be offered only Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, and the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2, but it's boring models with standard appearance when the plate is tacked to the keyboard, and it becomes a laptop. However, all these devices are made on Intel Core M, which means that if and pick yourself something on the platform, some of the above options.

Source: geektimes.ru/company/acer/blog/252730/


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