16 facts about notebooks

1. The idea of ​​a portable computer owned by Alan Kay, the man whose life principle is - "The best way to predict the future - is to invent it!". Even 38 years ago, Alan Kay introduced the idea of ​​a portable computer, which would be no more than a notebook, had a flat screen TV, connect to wireless networks, could store all the necessary information to the user and, moreover, would be affordable to everyone.

2. 30 years ago, Alan Kay's dreams come true. We developed the first laptop in history - Grid Compass. This computer was created by request of NASA and subsequently used in the "Space Shuttle". The first portable computer worth $ 8,000.

3. Of the world's first laptop saying that it is perfect military - is very strong and so terrible that would have deterred any opponent.

4. The easiest notebook in the world: The company introduced the world Sony laptop weighs just 365 grams! Interestingly, at the minimum weight and size, this laptop has 40 GB of RAM, and is powered by a specially designed battery.

5. According to statistics, 68% of laptop owners use it for work, 21% for entertainment (games, movies and videos), 9% actively use the laptop on the study. Over 70% of the lucky owners of a laptop out using his internet.

6. Experts have come up with a laptop that costs only $ 100. Basically it will buy a country with a low level of life, to promote new technologies among their citizens. Contracts already signed Brazil, Argentina and Thailand. Nigeria alone has made an application for a million of these laptops. I must say that the hard drive in this laptop will not be a cheap, it replaces the 512 MB flash memory. And to charge the laptop away from the grids used generator, which must be rotated with the help of lace.

7. is the most unusual in the world of laptop: it made the jewelers, imagine: the laptop case is made of pure crystal. Not only that the damage such a thing like death, so also the owner will have to wipe it rather often.

8. How much can run a laptop without recharging? Today managed to create a notebook built on the basis of fuel cells (ie. E. Hydrogen). So, the work this miracle of technology on one filling up to 24 hours.

9. In the major cities of Europe and America is gaining in popularity a new service for owners of laptops. For a fee, a laptop computer can be "painted" by the customer. The notebook can paint in an unexpected color, put a photo of the owner or a funny picture. This service is in demand among creative people, and indeed all those who want to stand out somehow.

10. Many kindergartens Moscow laptop has a special place. Under the guidance of the tutor the children take turns drawing, write a song, write the music, and then watch as it all looks like "on a screen." Naturally, all the fruits of creativity, you can immediately print, burn to disc, leave for "eternal" keeping in kindergarten or pass the parents, and so on. D.

11. In the early 80's in America, the era of consumer notebooks. They cost about $ 2,000, weighed more than 4 kilograms. There was even released laptop, combined with the printer, it is a miracle of technology weighed almost 7 kilograms.

12. The most expensive laptop in the world, the Dutch computer makers, mindful of the high level of intelligence in the inhabitants of the country, has launched a laptop worth 355,000 dollars. The machine is encrusted with white gold, diamonds and rubies.

13. The thinnest notebook in the world: the company Sony has surprised the world by releasing a laptop thickness of only 8 mm, including 5 mm shell thickness of 3 mm and the thickness of the screen. And for such a child, which resembles a mannequin relies special remote control.

14. American scientists have found that men can not keep the laptop on your lap while you work or play. The fact is, the included laptop is heated from below and passes its heat into the most dangerous place of men. Which can lead to sterility in the future. So experts advise to enclose under a thick blanket or laptop bag, and it is better not to put it on yourself. By the way, scientists have found, with the right to respect of the laptop itself does not pose any danger to humans.

15. has recently been issued a special Women's laptop. What is the difference? It's simple: above the display left the place where manufacturers have installed the mirror and left the space above the keys to the shadows under the manicure set, powder, and so on.. As a result, while the woman always sees himself, his beloved, and may at any time do makeup.

16. It is well known that many men like expensive toys. It is for them was recently released laptop "Ferrari". It is made in sporty style, red, with company logo. Of course, this laptop is not cheap, but still smaller than his brother a car.

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