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Once upon a time I bought a android console in one of the retail chains. For those who do not know - Android Console - a small device (usually in the form of a capsule or as a USB drive) is connected to the TV and turn it into a large tablet. On the android, and controlled all the wireless mouse. Well, to play, and scored as use for itself almost did not see the tablet easier to use)) So it is with me and is lying in one of the shopping malls of the city has not seen a similar device, but sharpened and pre-configured for the media.
What is offered out of the box?
1. Free-view digital television
2. Free movies and serials
3. Social Networks, Skype, does
4. Different toys (mostly casual).

In general popolzovavshis the store decided to take him to explore all possibilities. I took a great console, although there was a version of the stick. But I had to 4USB connector hubs and collective farms did not want to. As a result, I took just such a prefix:

Now I'll show you screenshots and a short description of what the device can then tell you how to implement it on almost any Android tablet or even a set-top box connected to the TV set.

This desktop interface. On the screen you can see the weather forecast, news, current time and application icons

Now we start with watching television. For TV there are two applications:
1. Peers.TV. The picture quality is pretty good. Unfortunately there are no HD channels. But if you have IPTV provider that can connect it playlist and quietly watching the whole package of channels (and no need to buy the wretched provider prefix). Just to have a built-in channel television program broadcast to archive and 7 days.


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