Top 10 gadgets 2011

We will not seek to cover the most popular devices of the year. This is stated more than once. So why repeat? More interesting to recall the ten most attractive visual and functional gadgets.

Let's start with a personal 3D-display Sony HMZ-T1. In a way, it is no analogues. This unique headset where both eyes in the presence of an individual screen showing an image with the response only 0, 01 milliseconds, and the screen resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. Besides the two OLED-screen, headset includes a virtual surround sound.





Nest Thermostat is the world's first smart thermostat that regulates the heat in your housing, based on your preferences and tastes, rather than software, which not everyone will want to tinker. This thermostat is able to save money without sacrificing comfort, up to 50% energy. "Um," confirms this gadget is another unique opportunity - it will heat the house to your arrival and to lower the temperature when you go to bed. If the thermostat is connected to the system, Wi-Fi, it can even orient the heating or cooling the room depending on the weather outside. Control thermostat can be virtually any communications device, which can operate an application to a thermostat.




One of the most stylish phones outgoing year is considered to be the joint development of the designer Yves Behar (Yves Béhar) and company «Aesir Copenhagen». The phone is available in two versions - a gold and steel upgrade. Minimalism is now in vogue, and rightly so. In the manufacture of the top of the gadget has been used ceramics and sapphire crystal. The bottom part - steel or 18-karat gold. A two-inch display and Bluetooth - in stock. The phone supports all existing formats GSM-communication, and its price is 7250 euros for the steel version and 42,000 euros of the same for the gold.






It would seem that digital technologies have absorbed the familiar world of physical contact. But no. Wacom offered designers and artists to return to the familiar, in due time, pen and ink. The company offered a digital stylus, which is filled with ordinary ink and allows habitually draw on paper. However, there is one feature - a gadget stores all the drawings made as an illustrator and then easily transfer them to electronic media (PC, laptop or tablet).






One of the major surprises of the year was the emergence of a relatively budget model "reflex" from Nikon, despite the fact that it's not about models for beginners or CD. Nikon D5100 Digital SLR - semi-professional camera that offers us 16, 2 megapixels, the side display with a diagonal of 3 centimeters, the ability to record 1080p as autofocus, ISO 100 to 6, 400, and "whales" 18-105 mm. In connection with the possibility of high-quality video to the camera is the ME-1 microphone. It is located close to the camera and is able to deliver high-quality sound level in accordance with the video footage.







If at the beginning of the appearance of the tablet Amazon Kindle Fire reviews were certainly flattering, but without enthusiasm, but now more and more often heard opinion that the tablet is able to take part of the consumer products Apple. Gradually what happens. The gadget is integrated with all the services of Amazon, and runs on Android 2.3. Tablet Specifications: 2-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4, a seven-inch color IPS-display (1024x600 pic), 8GB of memory, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0.


This year, all fans of the Macbook Pro waited decisive innovation. We had to wait three years. Perhaps the creators are aware of Russian sayings about waiting times promise :) Although visually, only the most observant will find differences from the older models. The most "delicious" hidden under the aluminum body. That only is the appearance of the camera for video 720p FaceTime HD. It is also worth mentioning the high-speed interface Thunderbolt, the new processor and a new integrated graphics. And most importantly, the new notebook model is twice more productive than its predecessor, with all the same features seven hours of battery life - that's where the key clues.





Electronic sketchbooks NoteSlate eSketcher - tablet on which you can create and save any forms of recording. Here, as in the proposal of Wacon, plays the role of the presence of the stylus. But you do not have to carry the picture. He is already saved in the internal memory of the tablet. Besides paintings, you can save any notes, lists and tables. The tablet runs on Android 2.1, works with all applications, MS Office, also has Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. Independent time - 180 hours. In the future, the manufacturer promises to provide a solar battery gadget.






Mouse «Orime» by Elecom Nendo and cooperation of the Japanese designer and the company led to the creation of an unusual wireless mouse. She looks like a folded piece of origami and a five-button manipulator. At least - is conceptually unusual and stylish. Included with the mouse is a USB-transmitter Nano.






And the latest gadgets in the rankings become nothing but the tablet iPad2. Compared with the first version, the second tablet just beautiful. Judge for yourself - 33% thinner, lighter by 79 grams or 117 (depending on version), a variety of colors in the design, two cameras, a new processor A5 10 hours of battery life. In general, not in vain before the end of the year in the segment of tablet iPad2 does not lower its stake below 60% of all tablets sold.




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