Children's eco-art— elephant sculpture from 900 recycled plastic bottles

Few people know the true extent of the pollution. For example, in one UK daily is thrown in the trash 15 million plastic bottles. To attract attention to the problem and to submit inspiring and creative example, artist Sarah Turner has asked for help a thousand children. Together they have built an amazing elephant sculpture from 900 plastic bottles used.

The elephant, named "Emily", was created for the festival Godiva Festival 2014, held in Coventry. After assembling the elephant was painted blue nail Polish with the help of festival visitors.

As later told the artist Sarah Turner, she wanted to focus on environmentally friendly art and design. This is not the first project in which she draws attention to the problem of waste polluting the environment – just before the artist has created a creative chandelier from recycled bottles of Coca-Cola.

First, Turner created the lightweight frame for the elephant sculpture out of an old hula-hoops and wooden planks. Elephant legs made from plumbing pipes inserted into large recycled cans for water. The frame was then painted white and covered with wire mesh. Half-finished skeleton of the elephant was taken to the pavilion at Godiva, where he was able to finish hundreds of young spectators.


Elephant made of plastic bottles

To symbolize the desire of the city of Coventry to reduce waste and creatively approach the problem of ecology, each plastic bottle was painted with nail Polish, the color of which is associated with the city — Coventry blue. The elephant was chosen for the sculpture is also symbolic – it was the elephant drawn in the center of the coat of arms of the city of Coventry.

"I was amazed by the reaction of urban residents to our project," says Turner. – Everyone liked the elephant Emily. I was just touched that so many people wanted to participate in the creation of sculpture."



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