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Most of his time heads of state is carried out in their residences: there they welcome guests with a variety of meetings. Buildings differ in the level of luxury and many of them have a rich history. In this post I want to show you 28 residences of heads of state the First and Second world. I'll start of course with our president. (Residence of the President of Brazil)

President of Russia remains one of the last rulers of the world, whose residence is located in a medieval fortress. However, the rest of the residence of the President of the Russian Federation - the modern buildings of the European species. Blog Interpreter gathered Photo 28 residences of heads of state the First and Second world.

Officially, the Russian president only four residences: in the Kremlin, in the Novo-Ogaryovo (on the ruble), "Valdai" in the Novgorod region and "Bocharov Stream" in Sochi. However, for the manager of the listed 8 more presidential sites.

In 2010, it was reported that the Office of the President is going to build on the peninsula Gamow in the Khasan district of Primorye Territory residence to the leaders of the country. A little later, talking about some "Putin's Palace" in Praskoveevke on the Black Sea coast. However, officially the objects (one for another paper, another unfinished) business manager on its balance sheet did not take, so the information about them will be considered speculation.

Very large area at the presidential residence in the "Valdai" - 930 hectares. In addition to the residential building there is a church, a swimming pool, two restaurants, a cinema, a bowling alley.

(The entrance to the residence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin - in Novo-Ogaryovo. This and 2 more photos residence in Novo-Ogaraёvo below made by Italian photographer Davide Monteleone)

Especially loved by President Putin (and before him and President Yeltsin and Medvedev) summer residence "Bocharov Creek". In it, he conducts both formal meetings and relaxing vacation. But when the president's sport began skiing, Medvedev and Putin began to attend "Bocharov Stream" and in winter - hence they fly by helicopter to the track in the "Krasnaya Polyana».

The residence has 2 floors. The decoration of the first floor has not changed since the days of Stalin - here, for example, placing a massive oak furniture and hunting trophies. On the same floor inhabited by the servants and the protection of the president. The second floor is more modern: with Italian furniture and light-colored wallpaper. On it is a living room, office, bedroom, guest apartment.

On the estate there are several buildings: a summer residence for the head of the presidential administration and the cottage for the Prime Minister. There are also a helipad, two swimming pools (with sea and fresh water), playground, indoor tennis court.

and the beach is a pier for boats presidential "Caucasus».

Precinct with a double fence - the first reinforced concrete, height of about 2 to 5 meters, the second - from the mesh netting. From the sea, the estate is guarded by the Black Sea Fleet ships.

The residence is designed garden with feijoa and peaches. However, as they say, the former president and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev prefers to work in a glass greenhouse, where there are kiwis and lemons.

The most expensive building in the informal list of residences is the Constantine Palace in Strelna near St. Petersburg (land area - 140 hectares).

Its reconstruction cost about 200 million. Dollars, but the money was not spent from the budget - on the estate to lose a few Russian commodity companies. Formally, the palace is only "an office of the president" (as well as in the Library. Yeltsin in St. Petersburg).

However, the head of state as resting on the estate, and hold official meetings. In 2010, the palace was purchased paintings purchased at auction for 20 million. Dollars.

Much less visited by other presidential sites. For example, in the Karelian "Shuya Chupa" (in the late 90's its construction at a cost of 50 million. Dollars estate area - 50 ha), Boris Yeltsin was several times, Vladimir Putin - once, Dmitry Medvedev - until none.

Very unpopular were Dmitry Medvedev objects such as "Volga Cliff" on the banks of the Kuibyshev Reservoir, "Tantalus" on the Volga River, 40 km from Saratov, "Angara farm" 47 km from Irkutsk, "Small-source" in Yekaterinburg in the forest on the shore of Little Istokskogo pond, "Pine" in the Krasnoyarsk region. Peak use occurred during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. Thus, in the "Volga Bluff" the first president loved to fish - he often boasted that there fished trout up to 20 kg.

In 2010, for the president was rebuilt residence in Yekaterinburg (the palace area of ​​10 thousand sq. M).

Not too popular and "Rus" in the Tver region, located in the territory of the hunting "Zavidovo". In fact, this is the main hunting ground for all the presidents of Russia. The guard of the estate in an interview described the local life of senior officials:

"Yeltsin to Putin's dacha more frequently visited. Man he is elderly, need to rest. For a half a dozen times, Putin visited. At first, he did not come. And then like it was the fly - he always arrives by helicopter. Once all arrived on 15 minutes changed a bit with a dog walked and flew again. And we for his arrival two months preparing: grass trimmed, no paper, no leaf - and so on all 15, 5 hectares.

Gated 600-700.

Yeltsin, when he was president, he loved to listen to the soldiers sing. The attic out, sit down, and the company commander orders walks, sings while Yeltsin again to the attic will not go ».

Now the main presidential residence of Novo-Ogaryovo considered - is home to Vladimir Putin.

(Residence at the Constantine Palace near St. Petersburg)

In Novo-Ogaryovo have a building for official meetings, guest house with a cinema, gym, swimming pool. Putin goes to the residence at the wheel of the jeep. On the estate there is a greenhouse, poultry house, swimming pool, church. Rumor has it that Putin himself caring for rare breeds of chickens (Rhode Island, Cochin China and Brahma - a total of more than 30 pieces). But Putin feels especially proud of the large stable (it housed about 10 horses).

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev lives in "Gorki-9" together with his wife Svetlana, son Ilya, Dorotheos cat and dogs - two English setters and Daniel Joly, golden retriever Alda and Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Also, my mother lives here, Dmitry Medvedev. Earlier this object is also considered presidential residence, but now his status - premier facility.

The area of ​​this residence of 80 hectares. On the interior of the house is little known. Held only information that the interiors here did the famous Italian designer Roberto Provazi, whose clients at different times were Madonna, George Clooney and Sylvester Stallone. Items for environment cabinet chose personally Svetlana Medvedev. Already during Medvedev in the "Gorki-9" appeared chapel service it is a personal confessor family Medvedyevs Vladimir Volgin.

(Confessor family Medvedyevs Vladimir Volgin - with a cross and beard)

About this confessor worth special mention that a better understanding of the inner world, Dmitry Medvedev. Vladimir Volgin - 63 years since the beginning of the 1970s, he served as an altar boy at the liberal priest Alexander Men. Volgin had a reputation for himself too liberal. However, in the late 1980s, he suddenly goes into the camp of conservatives, and even rebuke me for being too democracy.

In the early 1990s Volgin gets temple at the Sofia Embankment - now with him is the head office of "Rosneft". Also, when the temple is the largest church in Moscow-jewelry company "Sofia embankment." Volgin was a disciple of bohemian priest Ivan Ohlobystin, he served as his mentor in the temple (I wonder what made Ohlobystin same somersault as Volgin - from the liberal camp moved to conservatism)

Blog Interpreter collected 28 photos residences of heads of state the First and Second world. Some of them are modest, and some very majestic (as the President of India), some are made in the traditional style (as the president of South Korea or France), but most - in classic European. No only residences located in a medieval castle - as in the Kremlin. It is time to give in Russia this magnificent complex under tourist and recreational purpose, and the president to begin to live and work (most of the time he does it now) only in Novo-Ogaryovo.

Residence of the President of Argentina:

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Residence of the President of Bolivia:

Residence of the President of Brazil:

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One of the residences of the President of Vietnam - "Reunification Palace»:

Another residence of the President of Vietnam:

Residence of the President of Germany in Berlin:

Residence of the President of Georgia:

Residence of the President of Egypt:

Residence of the President of India:

Residence of the President of Iran:

Residence of the Prime Minister of Canada:

Residence of the President of Colombia:

Residence of the President of South Korea:

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Residence of the King of Malaysia:

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Residence of the President of Singapore:

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Residence of US President - the White House:

Residence of the King of Thailand:

Residence of the Prime Minister of Thailand:

Residence of the President of Uruguay:

Residence of the President of the Philippines:

Residence of the President of France:

Residence of the President of Chile:

Residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden:

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