CIA is preparing to evacuate Saakashvili

CIA is developing an evacuation plan Saakashvili in the US. LIFE.RU became known sensational details of the special operation that Americans can be held in Tbilisi.

United States Navy with the direct involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency agents engaged in the dirtiest of its mission - "mopping up" bloody flaws of the American puppet Saakashvili, failed miserably in Washington planned operation to the dismemberment of the Caucasus.

Nine NATO warships off the coast of Georgia. Destroyer under the Stars and Stripes embarked on a raid in the port of Batumi. Georgia says Americans cynically called "humanitarian aid". But 80 tons of blankets and diapers - a cover that terrible toppings, which is hidden in the hold, and the towers Korablin.

In addition to anti-aircraft guns and torpedo destroyer equipped with cruise missiles "Tomahawk", which can carry nuclear warheads. And yet - anti-aircraft missiles "Standard" and anti "Asrok».

Korablin radars are able to control almost the entire territory of Georgia. However, this power is intended only to reassure and convince Saakashvili that he still enjoys the position of their patrons.

As it became known LIFE.RU, in reality it is prepared a different fate.

 - States blamed Saakashvili accounts. He did not live up to expectations, and soon his career will be over. Saakashvili is completely inadequate, is not able to reasonably evaluate the situation and may ultimately frustrate the US in the region. Senator Joseph Biden personally discovered this during a meeting with Saakashvili in Tbilisi and reported this in Washington. So the fate of the Georgian president solved - said LIFE.RU source close to the US Embassy in Georgia.

On the approach of another ship - the US Navy boat "Dallas". It is designed for special sabotage operations. On its deck have a helicopter. In X hour his crew will fly into the air to get to the President Saakashvili and take it on board.


It's the capital of Georgia's no secret that Americans are from day to day fear of civil war: the people were ready to overthrow Michiko.

 - This bastard has led our country to disaster! - Speak openly on the Tbilisi market. Soaring prices mad campaigning against pro-American Saakashvili regime where effective than appearing in the night graffiti. They are not zamazhesh - purses and wallets in Georgian women already empty. A revolution in any country begin with "rebellion pots." Petrograd in 1917 also blew not sailors and housewives - in town for two days late train loaded with grain ...

 - I want to feed the children, - says an elderly woman that changes its gold earrings for dollars on the waterfront in Batumi. - We do not need no war with Abkhazia or Russia ...

And where is the ship that will bring to the city is not a rocket, and milk and bread?


The President of Georgia is clearly not lived up to it by the US government's geopolitical objectives. Leave Saakashvili at the helm - is finally lose US influence in Georgia, and hence in the Caucasus as a whole. And the head-on clash with Russian Americans. And this is a disaster for the United States. The war in Iraq has shown that their army is strong only in the movies ...

Account is not for days, and at his watch. Specialists from the CIA, who once cooked Saakashvili for his "mission", now given permission to use the bankrupt Georgian leader as intended.

 - You have only one right - to die a hero! - How many times said this served their dictators American commandos.

In this case, however, it is not about the death of the physical and political. Point in the biography of Saakashvili will put most likely some Sergeant, US Marine Corps, which put him in the helicopter. Saakashvili's political death will occur in their evacuation from Georgia.

Michiko is a political corpse. Behavior Mikheil Saakashvili, who US officials recently urged trust frankly inadequate. "Selective qualitative" leader, how it felt in America, recruited while studying at a university in the United States, leading the country into chaos. And tends to drag in this hell whole world.

But possessed Saakashvili became a helpless puppy, able to bite unless its tail. Or tie ...

Saakashvili did not have the courage to admit to his people that he made a terrible mistake, having started the war


Georgia went into the dressing - former colleagues accused Saakashvili that he waged war on the orders of the United States.

State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration in an interview with the Georgian newspaper "Resonance" said the Georgia war "was involved" West.

"I want to openly and frankly say that when I held a press conference in Brussels, and said that we are close to war, Europeans came to me and said, in this city is forbidden to pronounce the word war", - Iakobashvili said in a newspaper interview that was published on August 25.

"So today, I say, in this war we have pushed the West" - he added.

British "Times" said that the initiator of the Russian-Georgian war was exactly Georgia and the responsibility for this lies with its president. His attempt to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia by force called "dangerous and reckless" step that actually put Russia and Georgia to the threat of war.

The British newspaper "The Telegraph" has dropped off Saakashvili: it says that there is a plan to restore the monarchy. "To appeal to the throne of the descendants of the dynasty Bagratids may cause the tense situation in Georgia. The acknowledged head of the royal dynasty of the de jure King George XIV died this year, but his 32-year-old son David can be called to the throne as David XIII ».

Dips job spies or do not live long, or indulge in complete oblivion. Saakashvili in the next few days waiting for the second. He was already doomed. His closest associates are already preparing for the role of "opposition in exile." US Embassy in Tbilisi in the case of the riots will be granted asylum to those who still need to "shake" the Caucasus. CIA handed out like medals, assistant Saakashvili pledges of US citizenship. As well as after the war in Iraq in the devotional service of foreign mercenaries Americans provide the right to become an American citizen. That's just as history shows, very few survive to this point.


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