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Fans of the hapless, but charming CIA agent will definitely watch the Adaptation of season 2, as the final 17 series instead of answers left the audience with many questions.

Comedy premiere in 2017 on TNT intricately intertwined spy adventure, sparkling humor, sometimes turning into social satire, and romance. The writers Maxim Parshin, S. Teleshev, Paul Kryvchyk, Fyodor Stukov (also the Director) were able to create a non-trivial subject, conquered the audience. Attracts international actors, perfectly entered into the role.
Fans of the hapless, but charming CIA agent will be required to watch "Adaptation" season 2 on the website of the Movie theater Era, as the final 17 series instead of answers left the audience with many questions. It turns out that the main trouble ahead, but the job spy Ashton Ivey (played by Leonid Bichevin) seemed elementary.
His immediate superior Doyle Brunson elaborated on the details of the operation "Rosilda". Actor Peter Jacobson, funny Traub of the cult TV series "Dr. house", surprise unexpected roles human Colonel of the CIA.
The mission of Ashton to steal the secret of the development of technology for extremely economical production of natural gas. For this he had perfectly learned the Russian language, and hoped easily to infiltrate the staff of "Gazprom". According to legend, ivy transforms into a engineer from Krasnodar Oleg Menchov.
Operation under the control of the head of the CIA, Harrison, because the success promises huge profits. Nobody in the US could not be aware of that and a cleaner in "Gazprom" it is not easy to get even with excellent recommendations. "Russian soul" was also overly mysterious.
From Moscow to Ashton-Oleg had to go North in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It is the Vladimir N. Nagornyak, the regional Director of the Corporation impregnable, keeps in his safe know-how. In the train to Norilsk Oleg meets Valera (actor Arthur Beschastny). Joker manages to drink the imaginary countryman about the meeting that the American, even the anti-intoxication is not helping. Men become friends, but the spy has no idea that buddy — a senior Lieutenant of the FSB.
Difficult to Oleg's job to know Marina (actress Evgenia Brik). The beauty of a broken heart after the betrayal of her husband. The girl vulnerable, in the good naive. Began a romantic relationship with a charming guy her a little confused. Oleg sincerely falls in love with her. Fully open the spy for obvious reasons can not, and Marina sees this as signs of deception. In addition, the horizon occurs ex-husband affair, decided in whatever was to come back.
Only a couple of weeks Oleg, not without the help of a friend Valera, enters in "Gazprom". But before him appears the next task is to bypass the Secretary, the Director of "Gazprom mining AREA" and sexy Vika (star "be Not born beautiful" Nelly Uvarova), which beginner their plans.
Through a lot have to go through an American agent. To get acquainted with not the best Russian "traditions": the abundant libations and corruption. To participate in the holiday reindeer, become "his" for the Nenets, to curry favor with the Nagorniak. For the purpose even change beloved.
Like all sacrifices are not in vain. FSB Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Gennadyevich Yevdokimov (Yuri Stoyanov) offers industrial secrets in exchange for asylum abroad.
Blow to the spy becomes the revelation of Nagorniak that no new technology there. The CIA is preparing an emergency evacuation your agent and traitor. Complicating the "Cleaner" sent to eliminate Ashton. Helicopter with ivy-Menshov and Evdokimov on Board in the brawl falls on the tundra. Adventures of an American in Russia will be enough for many series!


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