20 interesting facts about the 6th season of "Game of Thrones", which clarifies many

Behind the scenes often remain interesting things, especially in such a diverse and populous as the TV series "Game of Thrones." The sixth season is over, until the seventh is still far away, so it's time to count the ghouls, sum up the results and compare the readings. Website publishes a compilation of facts that shed light on the events in the frame and behind the scenes.

1. Emilia Clarke confirmed that the fourth series, where Daenerys burns Dothraki leaders, she personally paced in the "fire" naked. Although the contract, starting from the 3rd season, the actress is not obliged to appear in nude scenes, this time understudy did not use - so important she considered the episode

2 Kids Forest is now fully.. an extinct race. In the cave, the three-eyed crow killed the last of their representatives. It is officially confirmed HBO.

Photo source:. Ivi.ru 3 At this point in living just two of the six dire wolf: Ghost of John Snow and Arya Nimer, she drove away from you in the first season on the way to King's Landing. In the series we absolutely no information about Nimer have not, but judging by the books of the wolf is now running in the river lands, leading a pack of wolves.

< 4. The actor, who plays the role of the dead, but rather active Benjy Stark suffers dyslexia - impaired ability to master the skills of reading and writing, while maintaining the general ability to learn. He - partially deaf. Therefore, to memorize his role, he had to read lips.

5. After the "sand snake" and Tristan killed Doran Martell, Martell house can be considered officially extinct.

< 6. During the filming showrunner and Kit Harington played John Bradley, who plays Sam Tarly, they gave him a funny suit and said that he would have to play it in the sixth season. He believed them and thought right up to the start of filming, it's really his suit.


7 All Starkey were killed in the 9th episode: Ned in the first season, Catelyn and Robb in the third, Rikon - in the sixth
8. For a decade the role of Bella Ramsey Lianna Mormont, a small but formidable lady Bear island, was the first acting job in life.

9. This season was rich in killed. If we consider only the characters with names, except the soldiers who died in battle, the 10 series 6 season was "murdered" 83 people and 2 dire wolf.

< 10. This season, Ollie boy He did not utter a single word. So him and hung silent.

11. During the first meeting with David Benioff and Daniel Weiss in 2007, George Martin gave them the rights to adapt the novel for the series only after they guessed who is the real mother of John Snow.

12. infographic released by HBO confirmed that John Snow's parents are Lianna Reygar Stark and Targaryen.

13 Daenerys -. John Snow falls aunt

14 The mysterious rotating ring from screen to.. the series received its explanation in the last series. It turned out that such devices are hanging in the library of the citadel Staromesta. It is quite possible that they play the role of the calendar.

15. Meister Westeros believe that the world is round, but in practice it is still no one showed.

16. showrunner David Beniof and Dan Weiss said, often think about the prequel "Game of thrones", but until dismiss these thoughts, since the current series requires them to complete surrender.


17 Each season, the show killed at least one king: Season 1 - Robert Baratheon, Season 2 - Renly Baratheon, Season 3 - Robb Stark, season 4 - Joffrey Baratheon, season 5 - Stannis Baratheon, Mans Raider season 6 - Balon Greyjoy, and Baratheon Tommen. Kings remains critically low, wondering whose turn in season 7.

< 18. Peter Dinklage was the only American in the main caste series at the moment. Previously, the company makes him Jason Momoa and Pedro Pascal.

19. With the death of House Baratheon Tommen officially ceased to exist. The same fate befell the house with the death of Ramsey Bolton.

< 20. Ayres II Targaryen shown in an episode of clean-shaven, but according to the books by the end of his reign so mad king feared for his life that did not admit to himself with one blade, including a razor.

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