She locked her dog for a week without food. But just judge found a way to make her repent!

Site just could not pass up such a great story! You agree that justice prevailed in it to the fullest. Alyssa Morrow from the United States has left his dog Musi alone locked in his house for a week. The poor animal starved mad - vets were shocked when they found her


Photo source: Vmirechudes.comAlisa took the blame, but said: "Come on, there is a whole week!»


When Judge Michael Chikonetti learned in some desolate, dirt and hunger Musi doctors found he was angry to the core.

Guardian of the order, however, was known for his creative and reasonable guidelines penalties, one of which he has prepared specially for Alice Michael looked the girl in the eye and said: "You must feel like a dog on the spot. Choose: go to jail or you will live like Musi? Tomorrow at 8 hours you'll be sitting in the garbage, very smelly, that they can find. Vomit - so throw up. Think about your dog, when you inhale the aromas of trash. »

Alice, of course, chose the trash, which is very quickly regretted. In tears, she admitted that it would be much better in prison. Fortunately, the girl was able to quickly learn the lesson. Alice knew very well what it is - to remain without assistance terribly filthy home without food and water


Musi gave to another family, where she lives happily with her new owners.



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