The best episodes of the series Lost - "Lost" (11 photos)

The most significant episodes of the legendary series Lost - "Lost".

1. Pilot. The first season, episode 1 and 2, 22 and 24 September 2004.

In this photo, the place where viewers first saw Jack, Kate, Charlie and the other passengers, flying Flight 815, which miraculously managed to survive the crash and who were on a mysterious South Pacific island. Despite the fact that in the course of its development, the series has changed significantly, when you come back to the beginning and review it again, again, has been impressed by the pilot's actions during the disaster as well and everything was skillfully designed.

2. Hike. The first season, episode 4, October 13, 2004.

From a series of flashbacks (story-memories of heroes), viewers will learn that John Locke, who is known as a hunter, was paralyzed before the crash occurred, but as soon as he woke up on the island returned to him the ability to walk. This episode of "Lost" indicates that there is something much more important than to attract attention.

3. Man of Science, Man of Faith. The second season, episode 1, 21 September 2005.

The second season of Heroes returns to the puzzle of the mysterious hatch. The situation is complicated by the disappearance, Kate, after she went inside. These events are a preamble for the rest of the series.

4. Orientation. The second season, episode 3, 5 October 2005.

John Locke and Kate learn more about the mysterious hatch, while on the opposite side of the island, Michael, Sawyer and Jin are held captive by people who call themselves the other. In flashback (story-memory), viewers are introduced to Helen, whose appearance further complicates things. It is possible motto fans of "Lost" can be a phrase - "we need to see it again».

5. The Man Behind the Curtain. The third season, episode 20, May 9, 2007.

In this episode, viewers will learn the intricate backstory Ben Linus, a little boy on the island, which later became the leader of the Others.


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