The actors of the series "Lost"

Propose to recall the cult American TV series "Lost» («LOST»).

"Lost» («Lost») - a popular American television series, which premiered in 2004. His first series caused a great sensation and gathered at the TV screens of almost 19 million people.

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Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard)

Matthew Fox is currently 47 years old. He continues to act in films. His last role was in the film "Alex Cross," "The Emperor," "War of the Worlds Z». In 2011, got in trouble when drunk beat the bus driver did not let him to the party uninvited. Was released on bail. He is married and has two children.

2. Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen)

Evangeline Lilly during the filming of the show actively combine pleasure and helpful. During the filming of the first season, she struck up a romance with the performer role of Charlie Dominic Monaghan. After a year with the couple broke up and new chosen girl became assistant director of the series, from which in 2011 she gave birth to a son. Involved in charity work, a part of the fees transferred to the accounts of charitable funds. Participates in the social school program for the protection against rapists Just Yell Fire.V expected shortly we will be able to watch Lilly in the second part of the trilogy about hobbits "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug».

3. Josh Holloway (James Ford, "Sawyer»)

After the series, the actor offered to shoot in the trailers and commercials for the computer game "Sommand & Sonquer 3: Tiberium Wars». He continues to act in serials and films, leads an active lifestyle, snowboarding and motorcycle daughter. In the near future is expected to yield the movie "Disturbia" with his participation.

4. Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace)

36-year-old Dominic once admitted to reporters that it is very satisfied with his life. In addition to its main activities - filming, he tried himself in various fields, such as writing screenplays and opening his own recording studio.

5. Terry O'Quinn (John Locke)

Striking is the fact that O'Quinn was the only actor who created intended to adopt the role of Locke from the outset. And this role he succeeded brilliantly. The actor is now in '61 and he continues to act in films. His last role was in the television series "Falling Skies" and "666 Park Avenue».

6. Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah)

44-year-old Nevis has two children by different women. Had an affair with a woman who was older than his 21 years. For a long time fighting for custody of her second son. In his free time shooting loves to sing with a guitar. One of his last roles was a brilliant detective series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit».

7. Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes)

After filming the series «Lost» actor actively continues to act in films and television series. in 2012, starred in the TV series "Alcatraz." Interesting fact: in 2010 came Weezer album titled «Hurley» (in honor of the hero, played by Jorge). Jorge was also a guest vocalist at a concert of the group. Now the actor 40 years old, married.

8. Daniel Dae Kim (Jin Kwon)

For shooting in the series «Lost» actor specifically took lessons from the Korean language his partner in the film Yunjin Kim, because before that did not know the language. Now the actor 45 years, and he continues to act in films.


Yunjin Kim (Sun Kwon)

Sung Kwon role actress brought worldwide fame. Married immediately after filming the final episode of the series for his former manager. In 2013, the premiere of the series "Mistresses" where Kim played a major role.

Emilie de Ravin 10. (Claire Littleton)

Emily has not stopped acting career after filming the series «Lost». In 2009, she starred in the movie "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson. Currently engaged in the filming fiction television series "Once Upon a Time." Now the actress is 31 years old, married.

11. Michael Emerson (Ben Linus)

For his role in the TV series «Lost» the actor received an Emmy Award in the category "Best Drama Actor." Now it is quite common to see in some episodes of the famous series. At the moment, acted in the television series "In the field of view," where he plays a mysterious billionaire recluse, has teamed up with supposedly dead CIA agent to fight crime.


Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

As she told Elizabeth about his role in the TV series: "This is a high point for me and my career." Another significance of its role was in the sci-fi series "Visitors". Currently, the actress is married and has a son.

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