The war between Georgia and Russia will still be

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that Russia and Georgia is very close to war. He intends to regain control over South Ossetia, lost in 1990, and accuses Moscow of the fact that it sent to the conflict region the armies, mercenaries and Cossacks. The other day he took foreign journalists in one of his residences in Tbilisi in order to clarify the position of the Georgian authorities.

The Georgian President said that Tbilisi does not set itself the aim of "capture" of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. "Our first task was to block the path of contraband, pass through these two regions, - he stressed. - From now on, the population of South Ossetia enclave that existed mainly due to this contraband from Russia, have lost their means. " "There's a lot of people out of work, but there is a huge number of weapons. I fear that they will carry out attacks on Georgian roads and villages. It has provided the Russian Ossetians huge amount of weapons, - Saakashvili said. - There are now Russian tanks, about 90 Russian armored personnel carriers. All this is too much for the 3 thousand. People representing Ossetian forces. " Georgian President is sure that the forces attacking Georgian positions in South Ossetia, were Russian. "The tactic was the same kind used Russian in Chechnya if they have lost on the battlefield, they, even at the risk of new lives, trying to pick them up. They do everything possible to the body disappeared "- he says.

Asked about his relationship with President Saakashvili said that contact with him. "But I often get the impression that not only he decides in Russia", - he said. According to him, Russia has a lot of energy decision makers. Among them, Saakashvili said, "pro-Russian Chechens", for example, the son of Kadyrov recently stated that it is ready to send to South Ossetia to support Russian 5 th. Chechens. On the other hand, in Russia there are Ingush, extremely hostile against Ossetians. "I think that Putin - a pragmatist. But in this situation, and for a strong president room to maneuver is limited too, "- he said.

"If war breaks out, it will be a war between Georgia and Russia, not between Georgians and Ossetians, - Saakashvili said. - This is very important: to exclude collision on ethnic basis. We are very close to war, people should be prepared. But, of course, it is the worst thing that could happen to us. I do not intend to provoke a war, I'm not crazy ยป.

Saakashvili is sure that even though Russia is opposed to the proposal, its position will change in the near future. "Our relations with Russia, in my opinion, can be compared to the couple's relationship on the eve of divorce. We offer to remain friends, but still too much jealousy on both sides, "- Saakashvili said. "What we offer in Russia, it is the hand of friendship. But we do not hurry. In economic terms, Georgia is still very weak. Three years later, she would be less vulnerable. Russia understands that in 3-4 years the situation will change. I also can not wait. My next elections will be held no earlier than four and a half years ", - concluded Saakashvili.


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