Putin warned Russians about the high threat of terrorist attacks

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin believes that now the country is very high threat to carry out terrorist acts. He stated this during the presidium of the government, while discussing plans to establish a new federal targeted program "Anti-terror».

The Prime Minister stressed the need to take measures to improve the security of the state, society and every citizen.

"Any action should be stopped terrorists continue", and a strong emphasis should be placed on prevention and the prevention of crimes related to terrorism and extremism, he said. Putin also pointed out that the validity of the previous program expired in 2007. According to the head office, recently much has been done to strengthen the security of the country, was dealt a serious blow to the terrorist underground and ringleaders, but the threat is still there, it is very serious.

The prime minister said that the state program on combating terrorism will be allocated tens of billions of rubles. In recent years, experts say the state's attempt to deal with terrorist organizations a variety of methods. For example, not so long ago it became known that Rosfinmonitoring (Rosfinmonitoring) intends to publish a blacklist of individuals and entities involved in terrorism. It was reported that the list consists of two parts and contains several thousand names and company names.

In the first part of the agreed submitted with the resolutions of the UN Security Council list of international terrorists, who have already been made and some of the leaders of illegal armed groups operating in the territory of Chechnya. The second - individuals, for which criminal charges of involvement in terrorism, and organizations working in the Russian Federation decisions of the courts terminated in connection with their illegal activities.

Previously, this information had only agency accountable institutions (banks, insurance companies, pawn shops, and so on. N.) Directly obliged to counter money laundering and terrorist financing.


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