Putin and Russia

GDP will soon cease to be acting president. And as he was the head of state?

Humorous mini-essay with photos: "The era of Putin»

In the adolescent years, Putin loved fishing and was like Rambo

Small Putin

2100th year, the tour guide at the museum raskazyvaet:

- Here you can see the glass skeleton Putin.

- And what is next for the small bones?

- And this is the skeleton of Putin as a child!

He was not satisfied with the order in the country, and did not hide it

Was no stranger to earthly weaknesses

He was always kind, even to the guilty. Sometimes will wave his finger, threatening: "Well, well, gentlemen deputies. Will you be naughty. »

Everyone knows the kindness Putin. I'll tell you this case. Putin once shaved in the Kremlin, and walked past the little boy. Putin britvochku sharpens, and he kept looking at the boy. Here Putin shaved, cleaned up the brush again britvochku wears away, glancing at the boy. Then britvochku wiped and put in etui. But could and slash!

Yes uhvatisty, in general, man.

And he sang

So here you are, reindeer

When he was not fed in the Kremlin, do not hesitate to eat the grain straight from the field

Always stood guard morality and marital debt

Very loves and respects children

He loved passionately kissing fish

His white teeth! He them clean 2 times a day: morning and evening!

He insisted predlogali crown

It is very well disguised and sometimes its just not visible!

Putin bred calves and milking, milking, milking

Do not forget about the historical homeland

Fee for half a glass of tea 2K rubles

And many would do well

He always found a common language with any interlocutor

Or when not considered grass dope

Fond of toys and did not hesitate this

Loved music

Never cut in front of children on the slopes

Did not hesitate to put some clear that in order to strengthen international relations

Was able to look to format a memory card of digital cameras

He certainly had his touching weaknesses. One of them - condensed milk.

His touch women lost their mind.

All drunken friends Volodya brought to the house

Coined for the youngest Russians devyatikletochny sea battle

Learned to knock strike motorcycle helmet

Did not like the movie "Men in Black". Upset: "Where they say they're in Hollywood everyone knows?»

Always raised his hand when he wanted to ask whether it is possible to privatize the North Pole

Did not like, do not understand and did not want to understand striptease. Despite all the efforts of friends.

He had a good heart. He was not vindictive. Once he even pardoned Carabas-Barabas.

Sometimes jokingly played with women in armwrestling strip

and walked on water

sometimes he loved to romp over the telephone, he called the Kremlin's Security Council, and said that the Kremlin bomb

He did not like when men wore earrings

In the Kremlin's fun to "train" at corporate was always the first

worst violators of state. border got a nasty surprise

He is very good at mathematics. Friends often turn to him for help.

He loved to watch the drama in the movie and cry

In his spare time moonlighting and, incidentally, never rude to passengers.

Friday went with the boys to "carryout».

Was fair to blacks.

On demobilization himself sewed suit.

Not to carry on Krushavelyam and chose more demokritchnye tours.

On the fourth year of his presidency could afford a personal car.

Did inflatable children, indistinguishable from the real thing.

Was an expert in carpets.

Putin lit

Preferred racing style.

Has always been the focus of

Putin has always said to the point



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