As a small airline mocked Sepp Blatter (6 photos)

The South African budget airline called "Kulula Airlines" demonstrated how the Streisand Effect in action. This effect is that the dissemination of information on the Internet is increasing in proportion to the measures taken for its removal. The effect is named after the great Barbra Streisand, which was quite a backlash to its insistence on the requirement to remove the photo of her house with one of the sites. Because the plaintiff's name, photograph went for a walk on the network, visiting hundreds of websites.


In 2010, a little low-budget airline wanted to use a grand event - the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. To do this, she released a poster to advertise their services under the title "The unofficial national airline," you know what. " As you can see, marketers airlines tried to bypass all restrictions on sponsoring the 2010 World Cup. However, receptive to the "parasitic marketing" FIFA immediately demanded to remove the poster and do not advertise their services in a way because, allegedly, it was shown the official emblem of the 2010 World Cup: the state flag of South Africa soccer balls with the logo of FIFA, the figure football, football stadium in Cape Town, vuvuzela. Indeed, if you look closely, you can easily associate the campaign with a football championship.

And how came the airline? She did not deny it for a long time and lead a useless and tedious correspondence with FIFA. Fulfilling the requirements of FIFA and the airline removed the poster (numbered under his №1), and instead, immediately released a new poster (№2). As you can see, the poster №2 almost like a poster №1. However, elements of the painting that have excited FIFA officials have been replaced by other elements on the poster were given a comprehensive explanation of each of them. Thus, the national flag was named the "beach towel" vuvuzela called "Stand for golf balls" (because they have similar features), instead of the stadium - a set of local bridge (napomnayuschego similarity of one of the World Cup stadiums), etc. For clarity, I have prepared a poster №2 with the translation of these inscriptions explaining.


In short, marketers airlines on all cylinders mocked FIFA and have left no chance for fault-finding on her part.

Moreover, soon it was released poster №3, which read about the super-predostavkenii offers Sepp Blatter (lawyers airline figured out that the phrase "Sepp Blatter" is not an official word of the 2010 World Cup). Bullying, in a word, on the FIFA reached a new level!


On offer poster №3 not said FIFA president Sepp Blatter, and one of the residents of Cape Town, which zaholtel squeeze into an invisible war between FIFA and the airline "Kulula." He renamed his dog, a Boston Terrier, in a new name, "Sepp Blatter," and demanded to serve the dog under the provisions of the new advertising campaign. That is, free to fly within the country without restriction on the number of flights. Airline generously agreed to such a requirement and the bouncer did not lose face in front of their clients before the big football event.

Moreover, marketers airlines losing a beat in their favor. Immediately released poster №4, bold letters that read: "Now it is precisely officially! Sepp Blatter flying aircraft of our airline! ".

Standing ovation marketers airline!



We must pay tribute to the marketing service of the airline. Many experts admit that the airline as one of the "Funny" companies in the world. Everyone aboard the airline company painted green, and across the board displayed outside the line, which briefly and clearly explain that there is a plane. Place the main seat of the pilot is referred to as «The Big Cheese - Captain, my Captain!» (Big shot - the captain, my captain there!). There is even a signpost: «secret agent code». The rest you can see for yourself from the following picture:


Airline jokes are not only visually, but also orally. While you're flying on board the aircraft, you can hear such announcements chief steward, there was quite a serious voice:

 - "For seatbelt wearing, stick metal end into the buckle and pull up on the size. Our belt works in the same seat belt. If, even after this explanation, do not know how to fasten your seat belt, then we think you are contraindicated to appear in public without an accompanying guardian ».

 - "Welcome to Johannesburg." If you suddenly find that you come not go where you want, then you have a real problem »

 - "Kulula Airlines" is pleased to inform you that we have listed the best flight attendants in the industry. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring them on the flight »


And other fun aboard the aircraft "Kulula Airlines»:

On domestic flights no fixed seats, and passengers long choose where to sit. Waitress: "You do not choose the furniture, find an empty seat and sit down!»

Pilot: "We have reached the height of flight and turn off the light. This is for your comfort and improve the appearance of the flight attendants ».

When boarding the flight attendant: "Please, do not forget your belongings. If you are going to leave something, make sure it's something that we would like to have ».

Another option: "When you exit the plane, make sure that gathered their things. Everything is left will be divided equally among the flight attendants. Children and spouses please do not leave ».

"There are 50 ways to leave your favorite, but only 4 out of this plane».

"In the event of a sudden loss in cabin pressure from the ceiling descend mask. Stop screaming, grab the mask and wear face. If you are traveling with a small child, put on your mask first before you help them to wear their own. If you have more than one child, choose which like most ».

"Air chairs can be used for swimming, in the case of an emergency water landing, please Row to the bank and pick them yourself».

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to smoke, place for smokers on the wing. If you can light a cigarette there, and you can smoke ».

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