11 awesome series for those who treat life with humor

Autumn is the perfect time of year for viewing comedies, because at this time we could all use a little more humor.

The website offers to your attention 10 uplifting series that will make your autumn evenings brighter. Read, watch and smile.

Unreal UnREAL

Series about the passions taking place on the set of a reality show about Dating Everlasting (glee cast version of the real show "the Bachelor"). With ample irony here is shown the reverse side of such programs, and the pitfalls faced by the participants. The role of the main characters — regular employee Rachel and Executive producer of Queen performed Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer.

You're a man You're the Worst

The history of acquaintance and the further development of relations of two cynical young men, Jimmy (Chris Gad) and Gretchen (Aya Cash). They do not recognize all that romantic crap necessary for a love relationship, but, nevertheless, trying to be together. In-jokes heroes is slipping that same feeling, which is familiar to anyone who has ever wondered about the meaning of life and other existential matters.

Horse Bodzek BoJack Horseman

Animated series about a tired horse (he is voiced by will Arnett), who once starred in the television series, and now just wanders around and complains about life. Excellent show with quality jokes, most of which is dedicated to the film industry and the crisis of middle age, when success behind, and what to do next — is unclear.

Crazy ex Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Living in new York, Rebecca bunch (Rachel bloom) accidentally meets her ex-boyfriend and remembering what was truly happy only with him, moved closer to the guy in the California wilderness called West Covina. Unrequited love and life in the backwoods after the big city is an inexhaustible subject for jokes, which, from time to time accompany the musical numbers, performed the main character.

Orange new black Orange Is the New Black

Breakthrough black Comedy about a girl Piper (Taylor Schilling) being put in jail for committing to youthful stupidity. The series is based on the autobiography of Piper Kerman and realism shows not only prison life, but also a typical female problems. "Orange is the new black" has a large army of fans, every year is nominated for a Golden globe and gets an Emmy.

Baskets Baskets

Loved by many Zach Galifianakis plays Chip Baskets — comedian who dreams of becoming the best clown. Chip arrives in Paris and tries to go to a prestigious school where they teach the craft, but something goes wrong and he fails his exams. To have a livelihood, Baskets arranged at a Rodeo, but not abandon his dream, for which it is necessary sometimes to make sacrifices.

The explosive trick Lady Dynamite

Comedian Maria Bamford (playing herself) tells the story of his life. The series shows the UPS and downs of the classic Actresses of middle age, which is not only trying to survive in this harsh business, but also to find myself. Maria is an upbeat person, but sometimes it can flare up, for what friends called her "Lady Dynamite".

Diehard Kimmy Schmidt Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The story of a woman who has lived 15 years and finally escaped from the sect which worshipped the end of the world. Once free, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) is confronted with situations typical of those who have recently moved to a new town. Despite all the difficulties, the heroine trying to cope not only with their problems, but also takes an active part in the lives of their friends.

Jane the virgin Jane the Virgin

Gina Rodriguez plays a girl from childhood been taught modesty and temperance. Growing up, Jane is continuing to keep virginity, despite the fact that she has a fiancé. Once by mistake the doctor did to her artificial insemination, and the world turned on its head. She has to make a difficult decision, to deal with shocked relatives and do a lot of things about than two weeks ago, she could not think.

Catastrophe Catastrophe

American Rob (Rob Delaney) goes to London on business, where he met with Irish Sharon (Sharon Horgan) a Patriarchal Catholic family. Between young people broke out passion, in which the girl got pregnant. The situation becomes for them an occasion to rethink the values of life with the cynicism of people whose plans did not include parental responsibilities.

Milf Mom

Anna Faris plays a single mother Christy, who, despite the difficult fate, trying to build their happiness. The biggest headache heroines are not so much her children, violet and Roscoe, how many treated for alcoholism and giving unsolicited advice mother Bonnie (Allison Janney).

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